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Today's complex genomic research questions demand a depth of information beyond the capacity of traditional molecular biology techniques. With unprecedented throughput, scalability, and speed, modern genomics tools like next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microarrays are enabling researchers to study biological systems at a level never before possible.

The updated Illumina Methods Guide contains all of the information you need—from BeadChips to library preparation to sequencer selection, analysis, and support—all in one place. Select the best tools for your lab with our comprehensive catalog designed specifically for research applications.

The guide includes information on how to:

  • Sequence whole genomes of any size
  • Zoom in on target regions with deep sequencing
  • Discover novel RNA variants and splice sites, or quantify mRNA for gene expression analysis
  • Screen large populations with genotyping arrays
  • Analyze genome-wide methylation patterns or
    DNA–protein interactions
  • Study microbial diversity in humans or in the environment

Illumina Methods Guide

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