Expanding access to genomics

We are driven by our conviction that genomics should be available to the many, not the few

Genomics has the power to save lives and vastly improve the human condition. As a leader in genomics, we are focused on driving down the cost of sequencing, expanding access to diagnostics technology, and increasing the diversity of genomics data to realize health equity for billions of people around the world.

To expand access to genomics, we are:
Enabling Innovation
Enabling innovation and affordability


reduction in sequencing cost over 15 years

Ensuring Access
Ensuring equitable access and data diversity

$120 million

committed to genomic testing for low- and middle-income geographies through iHope Genetic Health

Improving Reach
Improving reach to broaden the genomic ecosystem

$1 billion

raised in venture capital funding by 63 startups collectively since the inception of Illumina Accelerator

Within just 15 years, we have helped take the cost of sequencing the genome from $3 billion to $600, bringing our goal of a $100 genome within reach

At Illumina, the faster we can innovate, the more lives we can help save. Our industry-leading investments in research and development are transforming how clinicians detect, diagnose, and treat many conditions, including cancer, genetic disease, and other diseases like neurological, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases. Powering the future of personalized medicine, our work will improve patient outcomes and drive down overall healthcare costs. Our vision is access to genomic medicine for every patient in need.

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Through the iHope Genetic Health Program, we have committed $120 million to reach patients in low-and middle-income communities

iHope Genetic Health Program

Challenges like inequity of access to health care and underrepresentation of global data diversity magnify the need to bring the power of genomics to all. We work to close the genomic medicine gap and advance the next generation of care in geographies where specialists are limited, and clinical resources are sparse.

Through our partnership with Genetic Alliance, iHope Genetic Health aims to provide clinical whole-genome sequencing (WGS) access to tens of thousands of families across the globe impacted by genetic disease. At least half of iHope Genetic Health's efforts focus on areas of the world in need outside the US, with more than one-third of Illumina support dedicated to patients in Africa.

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The larger our network of partners, the more patients' lives we can help change

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1 billion


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2 billion

2026 goal

People Covered by Genomic Testing

We are building a global community of students, scientists, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and clinicians passionate about using genomics to transform human health.

As an engine of genomics innovation, we understand that the larger we grow our network of partners, the more patient lives we can help change. Together, we are expanding the reach of genomics by catalyzing genomic startups, expanding genomic literacy, advocating for greater genomic coverage and adoption, and empowering patients.

Illumina Startups

To date, our Illumina for Startups initiatives have raised $1 billion in collective venture capital funding to accelerate innovation in the entrepreneurial community. We are aiming to reach over 200 organizations by 2030.

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Fighting pandemics with genomics

Fighting pandemics with genomics

Genomics for good in action

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