Genomics in biological research

Learn about the science behind our technologies and possible applications for your research

Genomics Education

Illumina sequencing technology is paving the way for breakthroughs in science. The technology section covers the science behind Illumina sequencing and array technologies. The applications section provides insight into how researchers utilize Illumina technology. The training section includes sequencing courses, technical support videos, and other training options.

Education for Researchers

Learn about the science behind Illumina sequencing and array technologies.


Explore how novel uses of Illumina technology are propelling research in multiple fields of science.


Learn more about implementing Illumina sequencing with free online courses and training videos.

Illumina Resources & Tools

This central hub offers education and assistance for your workflow, from start to finish. Get information about our technology and how others use it, design your project and find tools to glean the most insight from the data, then purchase what you need and get access to support.

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Illumina Resources and Tools
Beginner's Guide to NGS

These educational resources cover key topics in next-generation sequencing designed for beginners. Learn the basics of NGS and find tips for getting started.

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Next-Generation Sequencing Glossary

Use our next-generation sequencing glossary to clarify key terms and important concepts as you plan your sequencing project.

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Decade of Sequencing Graphic

One Decade of Sequencing

Explore the breakthroughs, advancements, and progress

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