Get the technology you need today to stay competitive tomorrow.

Illumina Financial Solutions

With Illumina Capital, you can acquire the advanced technology you need now through fast, easy, and affordable financing and leasing programs. When you finance, you can:

  • Keep pace with rapid advancements: Acquire or upgrade to new equipment right away.
  • Preserve valuable lines of credit: Leave your lines of credit open to meet future business needs, grow your facility, or fund other operating expenses.
  • Overcome capital budget constraints: Pay for the equipment over time using your operating budget, so you don’t have to wait for capital budget funding.
  • 100% financing of reagents and equipment with flexible structuring.
  • Reagent Rental program
  • Ability to upgrade/add technology during the lease term.
  • Payment plan choices to align with your cash flow cycle, reimbursement funding cycle, or projected use.
  • Terms ranging from 12–60 months with flexible end-of-term options.

To explore your financial options, please call your Illumina sales representative.

800.809.4566 (North America)
858.202.4566 (Outside)

Hours: 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (PT)


Illumina Capital is a program of De Lage Landen Financial Services, a worldwide leader in equipment leasing and financing solutions.