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Bottlenose Dolphin Genome Made Available to Researchers

Facilitates research on comparative genomics, provides structure for cataloging biodiversity

Tags: Applied Genomics

Video: Adventures in Genomics

The curious case of the elephant superpower

Tags: Cancer

Genomics Podcast: Eczema and the Human Skin Microbiome

Understanding the impact of the skin microbiome and human health

Tags: Article Type Discovery Healthcare Microbiology

Illumina Releases Open Source AI Software

Streamlines genome interpretation to improve the utility of genomic data

Tags: Article Type Complex Disease Corporate Product

NovaSeq Spotlight: Understanding Leukemia

Munich Leukemia Laboratory uses whole-genome research to drive future personalized treatment for patients

Tags: Cancer Product Healthcare

GeneSeeq and Illumina to Develop Clinical Oncogene Kit

Accelerate The Launch Of Cancer NGS Testing in China

Tags: Cancer

European Customers Share their Genomics Stories

Video Feature from the ESHG Conference

Tags: Cancer Research Complex Disease Genomics

Illumina Announces New NovaSeq Flow Cell

Extended kit configurations provide increased flexibility and utility for high throughput sequencing

Tags: Article Type Cancer Product Discovery Complex Disease Healthcare

Giving Back is in our DNA

Global footprint for good - Illumina in the Community

Tags: Article Type Community Corporate People Cancer

What is Your Gut Telling You?

NGS-based microbiome profiling delivers enhanced insights for metagenomics studies

Tags: Article Type Microbiology

Watch President and CEO, Francis deSouza Speak at HLTH

An in-depth conversation about the future of genomics with CNBC's Meg Tirrell

Tags: Article Type Corporate People Discovery Healthcare Reproductive Health

2020 Vision for Genomics

Looking forward, Dr. Eric Green talks to Illumina about the future of genomics


CEO Francis deSouza's Conversation at CodeCon

Decoding Illumina for the Digital and Tech Community

Tags: Article Type Community Corporate People

Fast Forward to the Future of Genomic Analysis

Speeding-up, standardizing and sharing NGS results with DRAGEN

Tags: Corporate

Illumina At a Glance

Infographic provides snapshot of the company, its markets, its portfolio and more

Tags: Corporate

The Art of Celebrating Illumina's 20th Anniversary

San Diego artist dedicates painting in honor of science and innovation

Tags: Corporate

Education is Key to Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

Q&A with Illumina's Gautam Kollu and Carolyn Dumond

Tags: Reproductive Health

Adventures in Genomics

In hot water with extremophiles

Tags: Microbial Genomics Life Sciences Cellular and Molecular Research Applied Genomics

Illumina Accelerator Invests in Five New Genomics Startups

Seventh funding cycle companies focused on therapeutics, fertility and data science

Tags: Discovery

Enabling Precision Oncology Through Companion Diagnostics

By: Garret Hampton, Executive Vice President of Clinical Genomics and Dr. Phil Febbo, Chief Medical Officer at Illumina

Tags: Cancer

WeGene Announces Collaboration with Illumina to Serve Asia Market

WeGene Selects Illumina’s microarrays for a new laboratory in Asia.


WGS Will ‘Transform the Research Landscape for Diseases’

UK Biobank Enters Exciting New Phase of Genetics Research

Tags: Sequencing

Registration of NextSeq™ 550Dx Sequencer in S. Korea

Illumina Grows Clinical Portfolio in South Korea

Tags: Product

Making Sense of the World

Illumina Foundation at the Cambridge Science Festival

Tags: Community

Estonia Offers 100,000 Residents Free Genetic Testing

Effort aims to develop personalized medicine in national healthcare

Tags: Whole-Genome Analysis EMEA

Illumina Partners with Chinese Assoc. of Medical Geneticist

First Consensus on Clinical Application of Sequencing in Children with Rare Diseases

Tags: APAC Complex Disease Genomics

Adventures in Genomics: The Fight Against Ebola

Arming the outposts in the 2014 Ebola outbreak

Tags: Microbial Genomics EMEA

Celebrating Women in Genomics on International Women's Day

Illumina honors the contributions of women pushing the limits in science and engineering

Tags: Community Healthcare People

Susan Tousi to Speak at SXSW

All women panel to discuss the power of genomics

Tags: AMR

Illumina Sponsors 2018 Festival of Science and Engineering

Continues support of STEM in the San Diego community

Tags: AMR

Illumina Supports ACOG Position Statement on Genetic Testing

Opposes payer-mandated access restrictions

Tags: Reproductive Health

Study Assesses Newborns with Suspected Rare Diseases

Can Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Change Care?

Tags: Reproductive Health Genetic Health

Sequencing Nemo

How genomic sequencing is 'Finding Nemo' in a whole new way

Tags: Sequencing Discovery Whole-Genome Analysis Lab Focus Applied Sciences Product Brand Regions APAC Species Category

Landmark 100,000 Genomes Project Reaches Halfway Milestone

Illumina and Genomics England partnership sequences 50,000 genomes

Tags: Sequencing Solid Tumor Genomics Research EMEA

NovaSeq S1 Flow Cell Delivers Speed and Flexibility

Powers Faster Runs and Smaller Sample Batching for High-Throughput Applications

Tags: Complex Disease Genomics Genetic Health NovaSeq Xp Workflow Accessories

Sequencing Vital Fish Species Aims to Improve Livelihoods

Dr. Vanina Villanova wins 2018 Agriculture Greater Good Initiative Grant

Tags: Agriculture Discovery People LATAM

Advanced Materials Science – A New Genomics Frontier

Illumina Accelerator Graduate, Checkerspot, is Designing High-Value Materials

Tags: Discovery

Illumina and Harvard Pilgrim Partner on Value-Based Contract

Announce first ever next-generation sequencing agreement for non-invasive prenatal testing

Tags: Reproductive Health

Illumina Launches Its BaseSpace™ Sequence Hub in China

Providing powerful genetic data storage, analysis, and collaboration to thriving Chinese market

Tags: Product

Jay Flatley’s Award-winning Year

Illumina’s Executive Chairman honored at three events in 2017

Tags: People

Adventures in Genomics: A New Look at Nature's Treasures

Illumina travels to China to learn how traditional medicine is using whole-genome sequencing

Tags: Applications Sequencing

Illumina Educates Elected Officials

How WGS may help children with rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases

Tags: Genetic Health Applied Genomics Rare and Undiagnosed Disease Variant Analysis

Illumina in France

New Solutions Center will train up to 1,000 scientists a year in latest genomics technologies

Tags: EMEA Services Training

Illumina and Pillar Biosciences, Inc. Announce Agreement

Pillar Biosciences to Collaborate with Illumina on Next-Generation Sequencing Based In Vitro Diagnostics Development

Tags: Applied Markets Technology Products Healthcare

BaseSpace Sequence Hub Helps Helix Conduct Consumer Genetics

Increased analysis automation features help streamline laboratory operations in high-volumes

Tags: Product

All in the Yeast

A good beer is all about the yeast, but can applying next generation sequencing lead to better beers?

Tags: Applied Markets Core Labs Microbiology Areas of Research Focus Agrigenomics

Illumina Introduces Nextera DNA Flex

A Next Generation Technology for Whole Genome Sequencing Applications and More

Tags: Genomics Research Applied Sciences Products Library Preparation

Adventures in Genomics: Untangling Alzheimer's Secrets

Learn about how genomics is being used in research of this devastating disease

Tags: Areas of Research Focus Neuroscience Applications

World Alzheimer’s Day 2017

Illumina demonstrates the company's support for the Alzheimer’s community

Tags: Applications Neuroscience

Adventures in Genomics: The Fruits of Fruit Fly Research

Learn how genomics is securing California’s agricultural future

Tags: Species Category Applications Sequencing

Illumina Streamlines Nucleic Acid Quality Analysis

Illumina Partners with Advanced Analytical Technologies to Deliver Scalable Quality Assessment Solutions

Tags: Nucleic Acid Type Lab Focus Workflow Step Technology

Study Takes Complete Look at Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities

Paper Published in Science Translational Medicine

Tags: Reproductive Health

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter Now Available

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter Launches for General Availability Following Milestone at Genomics England

Tags: Software BaseSpace

Illumina Accelerator Introduces Sixth Cycle of Startups

Genomic companies focused on drug discovery, advanced materials and digital health

Tags: Corporate

Resilient Biotics is on a Microbiome Therapeutic Crusade

Illumina Accelerator Graduate Takes on Antibiotic Use in Livestock

Tags: Corporate

Selective Advantages in Cattle Breeding

Adventures in Genomics travels to Brazil to learn how genomics is revolutionizing agriculture in the area.

Tags: Agriculture Discovery

New panel helps researchers study neurodegenerative diseases

Researchers hope to shed light on genes associated with neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease

Tags: TruSeq

Adventures in Genomics: Darwin on Our Doorstep

The littlest creatures still have a large impact on ecology. Learn how DNA is being used to help save the island fox.

Tags: Lab Focus Genomics Research

The Genomics Economy Makes its Mark at BIO 2017

San Diego recognized at the forefront of genomics innovation

Tags: Product Healthcare Corporate Community

Video: MetaSUB - Molecular Portraits of World Cities

Using NGS to map Stockholm’s subway microbiome

Tags: Microbial Genomics Sequencing Microbiology

Insights from ASM Microbe 2017

Antimicrobial resistance, the role of the microbiome, and the use of genomics in outbreak prevention discussed

Tags: Microbiology

Illumina and ASCO Jointly Donate to CIViC Database

Sharing genomic insights to help improve cancer treatment and outcomes

Tags: Cancer Discovery

Genomics Powering Access to the Latest Cancer Breakthroughs

An interview with Garret Hampton, EVP Clinical Genomics Group at Illumina

Tags: Corporate

Illumina and Philips team up with Navican

Illumina and Philips team up with Navican to Accelerate the Delivery of Precision Medicine to Health Systems Worldwide

Tags: Corporate

VIDEO: Genomics to Enhance Global Food Security

Illumina donates HiSeq® 4000 Sequencer to Africa Orphan Crops Consortium and Opens Applications for 2018 Grant Program

Tags: Discovery Corporate Agriculture

VIDEO: Illumina at ESHG 2017

Our customers share their stories

Tags: Corporate Discovery

Illumina, IDT Partner on NGS Multiplexing & Exome Enrichment

Leaders in NGS and oligo manufacturing will optimize NGS library multiplexing and co-market exome enrichment methods

Tags: Product

Illumina Receives ISO 27001 Certification on its Information security management system

Illumina also announces that a European instance of BaseSpace Sequence Hub is now available

Tags: Corporate

Illumina Executives Forge Key Genomic Relationships in China

Meetings highlight shared genomic interest, innovation and technology

Tags: Corporate

SeqGeqTM Single Cell Data Analysis Software Available Now

Collaboration between FlowJo, LLC and Illumina yields tool for understanding single cell NGS data

Tags: Product

VIDEO: Illumina at ECCMID 2017

Customers share the impact of NGS on their work at European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Tags: Microbiology

Celebrating DNA Day

Illumina’s head of Scientific Affairs, Jacques Retief, shares his perspective on recent scientific breakthroughs

Tags: Discovery

Individual Lane Loading in Development for NovaSeq Series

Optional workflow will allow laboratories to load sequencing libraries into individual flow cell lanes

Tags: Product

Tracking Infectious Diseases with the MiniSeqTM System

University of Florida Professor Mattia Prosperi puts his MINI Cooper to work to improve public health

Tags: Microbiology People Product

Almac Diagnostics Leverages TruSight® Tumor 170

Recently launched panel aims to advance clinical cancer research

Tags: Cancer Product

Illumina Foundation at the Cambridge Science Festival

UK Families Learn About the Impact Genomics Promises for Future Healthcare

Tags: Corporate

Seafood Offers Opportunity to Feed Growing Human Population

Illumina genomics tools can be used to improve fisheries and seafood production

Tags: Agriculture Product

Illumina Accelerator Graduate Xcell Bio is Making Big Moves

CEO Brian Feth discusses the company’s journey after Illumina Accelerator

Tags: People

Illumina, IMPLAD to Establish Reference for Chinese Medicine

First Genomic Reference for 1,000 Traditional Medicinal Plants to Standardize Chinese Pharmacopeia

Tags: Discovery

Illumina Foundation Helps San Diegans Engage with Genomics

Sponsorship of Biocom Institute Festival of Science and Engineering inspires children and adults to think about DNA

Tags: Community

Straightening the Winding Road for Rare Disease Odysseys

An interview with Ethan Perlstein, CEO of Perlara

Tags: Discovery Corporate

Video: Solexa Anniversary

Illumina celebrates 10 years of SBS chemistry

Tags: People

Illumina Accelerator Welcomes its Fifth Cycle of Startups

Genomic companies developing microbiome and small molecule treatments

Tags: Corporate

New Service Helps Genotyping Labs Grow and Scale

Consulting services help high throughput array customers implement Infinium® products

Tags: Product

David Cameron Visits Illumina, Discusses Genomics

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Reflects on Genomics England Project

Tags: People

Illumina Inducted into U.S. SBA Hall of Fame

Lifetime Achievement in Innovation Research and Extraordinary Success

Tags: Corporate

Sweet Potato Sequencing Effort Aims to Improve Food Security

G. Craig Yencho and Bode Olukolu Win 2017 Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant

Tags: Agriculture People

Illumina, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Launch Study

LeukoSEQ to study sequencing as diagnostic tool for rare diseases

Tags: Complex Disease

Meet the NovaSeq™ Series

Illumina’s Newest High Throughput Sequencing Instrument Debuts at J.P. Morgan

Tags: Product

2016 Wrap-up: The Top 10 Stories of the Year

A look back at Illumina’s year in the news

Tags: Corporate

VIDEO: Customer Focus on Edinburgh Genomics

Scottish partnership paving the way to advances in research and personalized medicine

Tags: Article Type Complex Disease Discovery

iHope Program Aims to Diagnose Rare Diseases in Children

Dana’s story illustrates power of next-generation sequencing to end diagnostic odysseys

Tags: Discovery Complex Disease People

Dawn Barry: There is Nothing More Personal than Your Genome

Illumina VP shared her vision for genomics as a tool for managing health better at TEDxSanDiego

Tags: Cancer Complex Disease Discovery Healthcare People

VIDEO: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Two Years On

How ProjectMinE is making new discoveries using Illumina’s whole genome sequencing

Tags: Corporate Discovery Complex Disease

UK Prime Minister Opens Hinxton Facility

Ceremony celebrates Illumina and 100,000 Genomes Project partnership

Tags: People

The Role of Genetic Counseling in Reproductive Healthcare

A Q&A with Illumina genetic counselor Patricia Winters

Tags: Reproductive Health

Queen Starts Illumina Genome Sequence

$800m Francis Crick Institute Official Royal Opening

Tags: Discovery People

TruSight RNA Fusion Comprehensive Panel for Fusion Detection

Provides in-depth assessment of 500+ genes associated with fusions

Tags: Article Type Cancer

TruSight® RNA Fusion: Cancer Panel for Gene Fusion Detection

Provides in-depth assessment of 500+ genes associated with fusions, delivered in a simple report

Tags: Cancer

Health Care Leaders to Speak at BaseSpace® Suite Summit

Industry experts explore bioinformatics solutions that address genomic data analysis, management and interpretation

Tags: Corporate

Reanalysis of CARE Study Shows Reduced NIPT False-Positives

Letter Published in the New England Journal of Medicine


VIDEO: A Conversation with Illumina's President and CEO

Francis deSouza reveals his motivations, inspirations and what's next at Illumina

Tags: Corporate

Meet Illumina’s New President and CEO

Innovator, leader, and entrepreneur

Tags: Corporate People

Backgrounder: HLA meets NGS

A primer on the human leukocyte antigen

Tags: Discovery

VIDEO: One Family’s Infertility Journey

April 24-30 is National Infertility Awareness Week

Tags: Reproductive Health

VIDEO: One Couple’s Struggle with Infertility

April 24-30 is National Infertility Awareness Week

Tags: Reproductive Health

How Genomics is Shaping the Future of Oncology

An interview with John Leite, VP of Marketing for Illumina’s Oncology business

Tags: Cancer

Illumina Announces Winners of Go Mini Scientific Challenge

Winning laboratories to use next-generation sequencing for entomology, virology, and oncology research

Tags: Discovery People Microbiology Cancer

The Genetics Behind Language and Reading Disorders

A Yale laboratory is studying genetic variants associated with developmental disorders

Tags: Discovery

VIDEO: BaseSpace Suite Wins People’s Choice at Bio-IT World

Newly introduced genomics software solution voted Best of Show by industry participants

Tags: Corporate Product

VIDEO: Molly – A PGS Success Story

CARE Fertility is using preimplantation genetic screening to help couples become parents

Tags: People

Using Songbirds to Study Neurobiology of Vocal Communication

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center are studying songbird genomes for clues about human vocal learning

Tags: Discovery

Big Data Meets Big Biology

Xconomy event highlights data considerations as the applications of genomics grow

Tags: People

Illumina Builds Portfolio of Consulting Services

Services will help laboratories implement and scale NGS quickly and easily

Tags: Product

San Diego Leads Groundbreaking Genomics Research

Community participants receive whole genome sequencing, results and experiential education in first pilot of its kind

Tags: Discovery

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing Recommended for All Pregnancies

ACOG and SMFM issue joint bulletin updating guidance from 2007 to recommend NIPT for all pregnant women

Tags: Reproductive Health

VIDEO: Illumina Unveils New Customer Training Labs in EMEA

State-of-the-art facility enables customers to maximize Illumina’s broad product portfolio

Tags: Product

Jay T. Flatley: 17 Years of Leadership

Infographic provides an overview of Illumina’s remarkable growth 1999-present

Tags: Corporate People

Illumina Inspires Students to Picture Themselves in Science

Sponsorship of San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering encourages scientific exploration

Tags: Community

Integrating Clinical Genome & Exome Sequencing into Medicine

Multidisciplinary experts publish comprehensive recommendations

Tags: Healthcare

Southern California Becoming Hub for Rare Disease Community

Thought leaders, philanthropy, and patient advocates have strengthened the local community

Tags: Complex Disease Discovery People

VIDEO: DNA Testing Helps Identify Remains of Russian Tsar

Interview with Mitch Holland at Penn State University describes identification of Nicholas Romanov II

Tags: Forensics Discovery

Mapping Neural Diversity in the Mouse Visual System

Non-profit research organization using single-cell sequencing to understand how the brain works

Tags: Discovery

NGS Provides Promise in Microbiology

New American Academy of Microbiology paper highlights important considerations for the field

Tags: Microbiology

Understanding the Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Australian researchers are using NGS to study intellectual disabilities

Tags: Discovery

‘Lucky’ Endangered Fish Gets Sequenced

Prized commercial fish sheds light on evolutionary history; offers hope to conservationists

Tags: Discovery

Illumina Acquires Conexio Genomics

Acquisition strengthens company’s ability to deliver sample-to-report solutions for HLA typing

Tags: Corporate

VIDEO: Experts Weigh In from Festival of Genomics, London

Genomics England, Illumina leaders explain how genomics will revolutionize healthcare

Tags: Healthcare

Scientific Voyage Provides Insights into Ocean Ecology

Four-year expedition sent more than 200 scientists onto the open seas to map ocean biodiversity

Tags: Discovery

Growth in Americas Driven by Sequencing, Clinical Markets

Mark Van Oene, VP and General Manager of Americas for Illumina, shares insights for the year ahead

Tags: Corporate

Getting Researchers on the Road to Discovery with MiniSeq

Illumina gives laboratories the chance to win a MINI Cooper and MiniSeq Sequencing System

Tags: Discovery Product

Live from J.P. Morgan: Genomics Everywhere

A wrap-up of the news from Illumina President Francis deSouza

Tags: Corporate Product

Illumina Contributes to Bread Wheat Genome Sequencing Effort

International program aims to revolutionize crop research

Tags: Agriculture Discovery

The Year in Genomics: A Look at 2015

Illumina's President Francis deSouza looks back on the year

Tags: Corporate

2015 Wrap-up: The Top 10 Stories of the Year

A look back at Illumina’s year in the news

Tags: Corporate

VIDEO: Cloud Computing and Precision Medicine

As the demand for precision medicine grows, so too will the demand for cloud-based bioinformatics tools

Tags: Discovery

New Research Panel Offers View of Key Cancer Pathways

With TruSight® RNA Pan-Cancer, gene expression, variant and fusion detection in 1385 cancer associated genes

Tags: Cancer

Illumina Breaks Ground on New Facility in Foster City

Local and state representatives gather to commemorate the ceremony

Tags: Corporate

Genomics Research Pilot Program Underway in San Diego

Nearly 100 San Diegans donate their genetic information to research to improve health for all

Tags: Corporate

The Scientist Names MiSeq FGx a Top Innovation of 2015

Illumina’s first forensic genomics system joins growing list of Illumina products to receive accolades from the magazine

Tags: Forensics

Illumina Employees Give Back

Donation supports Rady Children’s Hospital

Tags: Community

New Maize BeadChip Will Facilitate Seed Development

Illumina microarray enables innovation and promotes global maize trade

Tags: Agriculture

Largest Shared Genomic Database for Autism to Be Established

BaseSpace® Cloud enables quick analysis of genomic information to advance treatment and therapies

Tags: Complex Disease Discovery Corporate

Stromal Signatures Could Aid in Colorectal Cancer Prognosis

Researcher uses RNA-sequencing and gene expression arrays to identify stromal contributions in colorectal cancer

Tags: Cancer

Unveiling the Mysteries of Metastasis

Researchers investigate the epigenetics behind cancer metastasis

Tags: Cancer

Illumina at AMP 2015

The future of NGS is major theme of annual corporate workshop day

Tags: Healthcare Cancer

Update: MiSeq FGx™ Forensic Genomics System

Studies demonstrate a more powerful tool for modern forensics

Tags: Forensics

Pilot Program Aims to Bring Precision Medicine to San Diego

Mobilizing the city’s first community-driven genomics research study

Tags: Discovery Community

Oregon State University to Sequence Mascot’s DNA

University Researchers Seek to Better Understand American Beaver through Study of its Genome

Tags: Discovery

From Conception to Birth and Beyond

Illumina’s Reproductive and Genetic Health business is growing with solutions that span the complete continuum

Tags: Reproductive Health

Using NGS to Survey the Chromatin Landscape of DNA

Geneticist at Stanford aims to decipher genome through the architecture of DNA

Tags: Discovery

Illumina’s Evolving Array Portfolio

Illumina’s Senior Director of Product Marketing discusses arrays as an integral part of the company’s business

Tags: Product

Genome Sequencing Solves Ebola Mystery

NGS shows barely detectable virus is responsible for the death of a woman

Tags: Microbiology

VIDEO: 10 Years of Infinium Array-Powered Progress

Celebrating the last decade of Illumina arrays

Tags: Product

VIDEO: Illumina Breaks Ground in UK

UK minister leads ceremony of new EMEA HQ

Tags: Corporate

Exposing the Viral Etiology of Cancer

Swedish geneticist using NGS to search for possible link between HPV and non-melanoma skin cancer

Tags: Cancer

Social Media Sensation Lil Bub Gets Her Genome Sequenced

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute and the University of Pennsylvania crowdfunded the sequencing of famous feline

Tags: Discovery

New Library Prep Products Improve Sequencing Results

Three new kits offer TruSeq technology for a wider range of research applications

Tags: Product

Educating Patients and Providers on Prenatal Genetic Testing

Illumina supports non-profit organization to help provide educational resources and establish patient registry

Tags: Reproductive Health

Pioneering Pre-implantation Genetics

Physician at Melbourne IVF co-developed key methods for successful IVF pregnancies

Tags: Reproductive Health

VIDEO: Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing in Practice

Interview with Dr. Martin Chavez, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine & Fetal Surgery at Winthrop University Hospital

Tags: Reproductive Health

VIDEO: Spontaneous Remission of a Genetic Syndrome?

Whole genome sequencing clears up medical mystery

Tags: Discovery Complex Disease

Illumina Announces Winners of 'NGS is Awesome' Contest

Three forensic DNA experts win a free trip to ISHI

Tags: Corporate

Stopping the Spread of Super Bugs with NGS

Researchers in Copenhagen are using NGS to study methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Tags: Microbiology Discovery

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation Selects Illumina

One million samples to be tested for genome program

Tags: Agriculture Corporate

Leading the Charge in Genetic Counseling

An interview with Illumina’s Staff Genetic Counselor, Erica Ramos

Tags: Corporate People

The $1,000 Genome

Staggering reduction in cost will help revolutionize medicine

Tags: Corporate

Could Genetics Play a Role in Drug Efficacy?

Researchers use genetic data to study effects of failed cholesterol drug

Tags: Complex Disease Discovery

Telling the Difference Between Identical Twins

Whole genome sequencing goes beyond standard paternity, forensic testing methods

Tags: Forensics

VIDEO: The Ancient Human Microbiome

Finding ‘diseases of civilization’

Tags: Discovery

Illumina Accelerator Graduates its First Genomics Startups

Founders share their experiences and what’s next

Tags: Corporate People

Coming of Age

25 years of preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Tags: Reproductive Health

Smart Screening Increases Successful IVF Pregnancies

Assessing the genetic viability of embryos

Tags: Reproductive Health

Illumina SeqLab: Whole Genome Sequencing Made Easier

New turnkey solution enables customers to quickly scale

Tags: Product

Pow! Bam! Seq!

Uncovering the genomic secrets of superpowers

Tags: Discovery

Illumina Upgrades BaseSpace OnSite

New version supports NextSeq 500 and HiSeq 2500, includes more diverse analysis toolset

Tags: Product

Seeking the origins of Alzheimers and Dementia

Researchers are turning to genomic technologies to peer into the epigenome

Tags: Complex Disease

Unlocking Secrets of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Research at Icahn School of Medicine shows how genetic changes in RNA and DNA drive specific biological subsystems

Tags: Complex Disease Cancer Reproductive Health

Illumina Completes Expansion in Madison

Features fermentation suite, expands life science community

Tags: Corporate

Mummified Remains Yield 14 TB Strains

Deep sequencing allows for multi-strain detection in Hungarian specimens

Tags: Complex Disease

ASCO Launches Its First-ever Clinical Trial

Illumina’s NextBio Platform selected for key data requirements

Tags: Cancer

At the Forefront of Genomic Medicine

Interview with Illumina’s Senior Director of Clinical Affairs, Amy Sehnert, MD

Tags: Healthcare

Genomics on Its Way to Becoming Pervasive

Applications of next-generation sequencing are far-ranging

Tags: Discovery Agriculture Complex Disease Forensics Microbiology Reproductive Health

NGS Aids Researchers in the Ebola Fight

Genomic studies are enabling researchers to track outbreaks and understand the virus’s rapid mutation rate

Tags: Microbiology

Microbes Matter in Wine and Cheese

Discovering how regional flavors develop through next-generation sequencing

Tags: Microbiology

Backgrounder: The Agrigenomics Market

How researchers, breeders, and farms are using genomics to improve global food security

Tags: Agriculture

NextBio Clinical Wins People’s Choice Award at Bio-IT World

Award highlights utility of data analysis platform to biomarker discovery, translational research, and clinical trials

Tags: Product

Separating Fact From Fiction About Infertility

Genomics can help improve the possibility of having a live birth

Tags: Reproductive Health

How Exercise Impacts Our DNA

How endurance training makes epigenetic changes to the human genome

Tags: Discovery

Exploring Memories and the Brain

Using sequencing, crowd-sourcing and the internet to research memory and learning

Tags: Discovery

Illumina Scales for Growth in China

Tim Orpin on the company’s strategy to address the world’s largest NGS market

Tags: Corporate Reproductive Health

Genomes of Icelanders Studies Published in Nature Genetics

Largest set of human genomes from a single population will inform study of evolution, diversity, and health

Tags: Discovery

MiSeqDx Receives Canadian Medical Device License Approval

First next-generation sequencing instrument cleared by Health Canada

Tags: Product

Illumina Sponsors Festival of Science and Engineering

Program will engage students in hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Tags: Community

New Cardiac Panel Pinpoints Possible Genetic Predispositions

TruSight® Cardio gives access to 17 inherited cardiac conditions

Tags: Complex Disease Discovery Product

Illumina at AGBT 2015

Roundup summary from foundational annual conference

Tags: Discovery

On a Mission for Massimo

Finding a needle in a haystack with whole genome sequencing

Tags: Complex Disease

Research & Clinical Sequencing Services

Whole genome sequencing for research or the clinic are different, but both are about improving human health

Tags: Discovery Healthcare

Connecting the Continuum in Reproductive and Genetic Health

NextSeq 550 merges next-generation sequencing and microarray scanning for one comprehensive solution

Tags: Reproductive Health

What’s Next for NGS Regulation?

Illumina’s VP of Regulatory Affairs on the company’s updated strategy

Tags: Corporate People

White House Calls for New Era of Precision Medicine

Genome sequencing to aid in finding more effective treatment for disease

Tags: Discovery

DNA Sequencing Used to Study Changes in Gut Microbiome

Researchers use Illumina systems to trace microbiota restoration after Clostridium difficile infection

Tags: Microbiology

Illumina’s Life Sciences Business Poised for Growth

Kirk Malloy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, talks about the year ahead

Tags: Product People

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain

Illumina sequencers used to study samples from biobank

Tags: Complex Disease

The Next Generation of DNA Analysis for Criminal Justice

MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System tackles tough cases, degraded samples

Tags: Forensics

The Year Genomics Reached the Tipping Point

Christian Henry on seminal moments for the industry and Illumina in 2014

Tags: Corporate

AOCC Receives Illumina Award to Improve Nutrition Research

Project will support food security in Africa

Tags: Agriculture

UYG Symposium Builds Community Focused on Genomics

Growing community expands with partner events and alumni group

Tags: Healthcare

Next-Generation Sequencing Provides Insight into Microbiome

Recent advances include powerful applications for public health

Tags: Microbiology

Human Longevity, Inc. Seeks Genes That Enable a Healthy Life

Builds sequencing capacity for genomics-based medicine

Tags: Healthcare Product

Rare Gene Variant Could Protect Against Heart Attacks

Combination of sample access and analysis methods sheds light on association between genes and disease

Tags: Discovery

Syngenta Develops Corn That Can Thrive Under Water Stress

Genotyping arrays, sequencing help identify key genes for drought resistance

Tags: Agriculture

Alex Dickinson Talks ‘The End of Disease’ (video)

Covers vision for future of genomics at TEDx Orange Coast

Tags: Cancer People Healthcare