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We offer access to fast, high-quality next-generation sequencing (NGS) services such as whole-genome sequencing services. If your lab doesn’t currently have a wide array of sequencing instruments and NGS expertise, you may wish to consider outsourcing your genome sequencing projects.

With our sequencing services, you’ll benefit from short turnaround times with access to high-throughput instruments and library prep options, bioinformatics capabilities, and exceptional customer service.

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Experience Genetic Energy with a suite of sequencing services to achieve your objectives. Our services include whole-genome sequencing for rare diseases, oncology applications, and more. We have years of experience with proven Illumina sequencing technology and production, and offer extensive support with dedicated experts throughout a project. If you'd like to learn more about our services, talk to your sales representative or contact us if you have questions. 

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The GLOBAL clinical study used Illumina NGS services to develop a panomics-based drug discovery approach. Learn why Szilard Voros, MD chose Illumina and why he says accurate whole-genome sequencing provides significant incremental value over genotyping and whole-exome sequencing.

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Benefits of Sequencing Services

If you’re looking for specialized NGS services not offered by Illumina, such as RNA-Seq or metagenomics services, or you want to find a service lab near you, we can help connect scientists with recommended labs.

These labs demonstrate adherence to the high standard of Illumina technology, offering peace of mind and confidence in the sequencing service provider you choose to support your projects.

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The iHope Network is a philanthropic group of organizations who donate clinical whole-genome sequencing tests (cWGS) to hospitals, foundations, institutes and universities. These tests will help find answers for underserved families with children facing rare and undiagnosed diseases.

The iHope program aims to build on increasing public awareness by demonstrating how next-generation sequencing can create a significant impact – by helping undiagnosed patients and their families find long sought-after answers.

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iHope story: Joaquin
Low-Cost Sequencing System

Looking to bring NGS into your lab? The iSeq 100 System is our most affordable system, designed for everyday sequencing research applications.

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iSeq 100 System

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If you are interested in a project with us, contact your sales representative or get a quote through our website. One of our sales representatives will discuss your sequencing project with you and help you select the option that best fits your needs. Upon receipt of a quote, a project manager will contact you to discuss your sequencing project and the sample submission process.

Depending on the service provided and the number of genomes, the price-per-genome varies. For current pricing information, please contact your local account manager or sales representative or get a quote through our website.

For current NGS service turnaround times, please contact your local account manager or sales representative.

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Introduction to NGS

Discover the broad range of experiments you can perform with next-generation sequencing, and find out how Illumina NGS works.

Bioinformatics Consulting

Our partners offer consulting services for simple to complex data analysis by leveraging Illumina software expertise and diverse skillsets.

Whole-Genome Sequencing

This method delivers a comprehensive, high-resolution, base-by-base view of the entire genome.