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You have the power to shape your career path

At Illumina, you’ll discover roles that allow you to build on your expertise, tap undiscovered talents, and develop new interests. You'll work with the best—some of the brightest minds in the industry—and have access to technologies and resources others only dream about.

We enable our employees to be well-positioned to reach professional goals. Our classroom, virtual, and e-learning opportunities promote employee development and allow you to grow your soft skills and technical aptitude.

We also encourage team members to further their professional growth by providing financial assistance for job-related education. As you expand your skill set and learn new things, you have the power to shape your career path.

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You Stand Out from the Crowd. So Do We.

  • America’s Top 100 Most Just Companies by JUST Capital and CNBC (2023)
  • Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Corporate Equality Index (2022)
  • Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (2022)
  • Disability Equality Index (2022)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2022)
  • Forbes World’s Best Employer List (2022)
  • Forbes World Top Female Friendly Companies (2022)
  • JUST Capital’s Top 50 Workforce Equity and Mobility Ranking (2022)
  • Military Times Best for Vets (2022)


What is the company culture like?

Our culture is open, collaborative, and optimistmic. We work together to bring a collection of best ideas and solutions, inspired by the promise of impacting human health with our technologies.

What promotion and development opportunities do you offer?

We encourage professional growth for all our employees. You’ll work with your manager to design a development plan tailored to your strengths and interests. Growth can be learning a new skillset, moving to a different area of the company, or a more traditional promotion once you have mastered your current level.

What are normal working hours?

There is no “normal” here. We are a 24-hour company thanks to our offices around the world. This means some employees work earlier or later than what’s considered normal. We also believe employees know when they work best and leave it up to them and their manager to find the right balance.

What is Illumina’s Recruitment Process?

Every journey from application to job offer is different. Generally, our hiring process includes the following steps:

  • Phone Interview
  • Digital Interview
  • Live Video interview with the Hiring Team
  • Offer letter

Illumina Career Profiles

We’re improving the quality of human life with genomics. Join us to change the world.
Clinical Lab Manager
Clinical Lab Manager

Rita Pitts walks you through her typical day. Get a feel for the role’s main responsibilities, like running samples and collaborating with others.


Find out how Daniel Brami spends his average day, and where he sees bioinformatics going in five years.


Find out what Erin Fang works on, who she works with, and what motivated her to pursue bioengineering.

AI Engineer

Greg Apker explains a bit more about how AI works and how to be successful in this role.