Nutrition: Matter over Mind | Illumina SciMon Video

10 November 2014

Research has demonstrated the effects of famines on pregnant women, specifically the impact of malnutrition on epigenetic changes in the fetal brain. Transgenerational information is thought to be transmitted from parents to offspring to assure survival. Sequencing provides insights on the interplay between the genome and/or epigenome of the offspring to environment and stress during gestation. For more information on applications of Illumina technology in the field of Reproductive health, please visit us at Illumina: Reproductive Health Products: HiSeq Publications: PMID: 24598623 | Hughes V. (2014): PMID: 24555847 | Weng X., et al. (2014): PMID: 24292232 | Dias B. G., et al. (2014): Murray R., et al. (2014): Reviews: Preimplantation Genetics The Science Mondays (SciMon) series is brought to you by Illumina Illumina hosts Swati Kadam, Ph.D., Scientific Liaison, Scientific Affairs and Jacques Retief, Associate Director Scientific Affairs deliver 7 minutes of scientific enlightenment on the latest discoveries.

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