Single cell sequencing for Breast Cancer: Doubling our chances. | Illumina SciMon Video

3 November 2014

Single cell sequencing provides first hand high resolution genotypic and phenotypic data of every single cell and its response to its microenvironment. Although a major constraint to sequencing single cells is the limited amount of starting material, which results in technical noise generated within or between samples. Researchers have devised an approach to sequence single cells from triple negative breast cancer by naturally duplicating cellular DNA. With this new technology, researchers are better able to characterize and profile the heterogeneous microenvironment of the tumor, suggesting a more precise treatment option. For more information on applications of Illumina technology in the field of Cancer Research, please visit us at Illumina: Cancer Genomics Products: TruSeq DNA Sample Prep kit: HiSeq: Publication Links: PMID: 25079324 | Wang Y., et al. (2014): PMID: 25101721 | Sheridan C., et al. (2014): Publication Research Reviews: Cancer Research Review: The Science Mondays (SciMon) series is brought to you by Illumina Illumina hosts Swati Kadam, Ph.D., Scientific Liaison, Scientific Affairs and Jacques Retief, Associate Director Scientific Affairs deliver 7 minutes of scientific enlightenment on the latest discoveries.

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