Behind the Science - The Ancient Human Microbiome

28 July 2015

The supplemental videos are meant to complement the Adventures in Genomics video series. Please be sure to first watch the episode Adventures in Genomics: The Ancestral Human Microbiome. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction: 00:39 Metagenome Definition: 01:54 The studied populations: 03:13 The Microbes: 04:15 Change in Diversity: 05:28 Transmission: 06:51 Learn More: 08:44 The Adventures in Genomics video series hosted by the Scientific Affairs team at Illumina, takes you into the world of the scientists. Join them as they explore amazing genomic discoveries and meet the scientists behind these remarkable breakthroughs that better help us understand ourselves and the world around us. Watch Main Video: Main AIG Video link for Ancient Human Microbiome: More Episodes: Discover More: Subscribe:

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