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Gut-Brain Axis: The Melancholy of Our Gut Microbiome

4937 views | 8 years ago

The microbial population in our guts not only helps with digestion and nutrient absorption, but it also facilitates many important biochemical signaling pathways involved in diseases and our immune...

Fresh Produce and Viral Contamination

560 views | 8 years ago

Fresh produce can be a major contributor of foodborne disease. In the recent past, there’s been great progress in monitoring bacterial contamination of fresh produce, but our knowledge of viral contamination...

Genes in the Bottle

650 views | 8 years ago

If your wish is a great bottle of wine, forget about the genie. It’s the genes in the bottle that matter. In this week’s SciMon video, learn how microbes, genes, and the environment all collaborate...

Genomic Selection and the Apple Genome: A Sweet Success

375 views | 8 years ago

The need to optimize food production will be of fundamental importance in the coming years. Genomic selection is revolutionizing the field of agriculture. In particular, this technique has given remarkable...

The Elephant’s Secret to a Long Life

651 views | 8 years ago

Learn how evolutionary biology in elephants may teach us about cancer. Learn more at: Products: Illumina HiSeq:

Modern Sherlock Holmes: Tracking Dust to its Geographical Origin | Illumina SciMon Video

542 views | 8 years ago

Learn how DNA sequencing is improving the traditional field of palynology by accurately identifying the geographic origin of dust samples. Learn more at:

A New Look at an Ancient Plague | Illumina SciMon Video

472 views | 8 years ago

The etiological agent of the disease, Yersinia pestis, is an ancient and dangerous threat to our species. It has been with us since the Bronze Age and has repeatedly infected mankind in the course of...

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and de novo Cell Type Discovery | Illumina Video

4603 views | 8 years ago

Characterization of cells, cell types, and development, is a challenging problem. Traditionally, pathologists apply methods that rely on the a priori knowledge about morphological characteristics of...