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The Festival of Genomics is now the largest genomics event in the UK, and the second largest in Europe. Over 10,000 people have now attended a Festival globally, and the feedback is getting stronger and stronger, with record positive feedback for the last London Festival.

The Festival is changing and improving year-on-year. The organisers work hard to bring the very best speakers and projects across the UK and beyond. But more than ever, this year’s agenda and other activities are designed to deliver incredible content.

Illumina will sponsor 2 sessions on Wednesday 23 January:

  • 10.20 am- 10.50 am, Business Design Centre, Theatre 1:
    Illumina Laboratory Services: Supporting the 100,000 Genomes Project 

    Ms. Agata Wolejko, Associate Director, Lab Director, Illumina Laboratory Services, Illumina

  • 1.20 pm - 3.00 pm, Business Design Centre, Theatre 4 :
    Genomics and the Diagnostic Odyssey - Where do Rare Disease Patients Go Next?
    Before and After: Our Family’s Search for Answers in Rare Disease
    - Mr. Danny Miller, Founder,
    Rare Disease Communities: Today's Realities, Tomorrow's Possibilities - Dr. Jayne Spink, CEO, Genetic Alliance UK
    Supporting Unique Patients and their Families - Ms. Arti Patel, Information Officer, Unique 
    The 100,000 Genomes Project: Transforming Patient Care and Building Trust - The Patient Voice - Ms. Rebecca Middleton, Vice Chair, The 100,000 Genomes Project Participant Panel
Further information on the Festival agenda is available here.
Date & Time
23-Jan-2019 – 24-Jan-2019
Genetic Health
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