The Precision Medicine World Conference gathers recognized leaders, top global researchers, medical professionals, and innovators across the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. This conference offers today’s latest content, along with a space to collaborate on accelerating Precision Medicine. Among the hundreds of speakers at PMWC are two of Illumina’s own, discussing topics related to Illumina Accelerator, Genetic Testing Applications, and Real-World Evidence.

Booth #C1920
Santa Clara Convention Center
June 28, 2022 – June 30, 2022


Amanda Cashin, PhD

Amanda Cashin, PhD
Co-founder & Head of Illumina Accelerator
Tuesday, June 28th, 3:45 pm PDT, Track 5

Phil Febbo, MD

Phil Febbo, MD
Chief Medical Officer/SVP
Thursday, June 30th, 2:15 pm PDT, Track 4

Date & Time
28 Jun 2022 – 30 Jun 2022
Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA
United States
North America
Genetic & Rare Diseases, Complex Disease Genomics, Oncology, Reproductive Health
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