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Epigenetic studies, largely driven by technological progress, continue to gain momentum by opening promising avenues for disease diagnosis and therapies. They lead to new insights into pathophysiology of disease and have proven useful in fields such as neurological and metabolic diseases, as well as cancer research.

In April 2023, Illumina will be hosting the 4th edition of “Epigenetics: the full picture” – a virtual event dedicated entirely to epigenetics.

Join us, for one or for all of the presentations, on 17-20 April 2023, to learn about recent epigenetic discoveries cancer and complex disease research, as well as tips and tricks for epigenetic studies.

The event will be structured around 4 lunchtime sessions:

  • Monday focus: epigenetic research methods, study design advice, and new Illumina products.
  • Tuesday focus: epigenetics in cancer research
  • Wednesday focus: epigenetics in neurological and psychiatric diseases research
  • Thursday focus: epigenetics in cardiometabolic diseases research
  • Bonus! An introduction to Epigenetics – available On Demand once you register!
Date & Time
17 Apr 2023 – 20 Apr 2023
Genetic & Rare Diseases, Cancer Research
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