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The Local Run Manager (LRM) software is an integrated solution for recording samples for a run, specifying run parameters, monitoring status, analyzing sequencing data, and viewing results.
When installing the new version of MiSeq Control Software, MiSeq Control Software 3.0, LRM will let you set up a run and analyse the data locally on your instrument, replacing MiSeq Reporter. LRM is also available off-instrument for data analysis for all our benchtop sequencers.

Webinar at a glance:

  • LRM overview
  • Software functions
  • Supported instruments
  • Available versions
  • Features of LRM 2
  • Accessing and using LRM
  • Setting up runs and analyzing data
  • Interaction with instrument control software
  • Viewing analysis results
  • System settings
Lionel Waschnig, Technical Applications Scientist, Illumina
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2.00 pm
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