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Illumina and the UK Dementia Research Institute hosted a key international opinion leader summit on dementia research. With distinguished speakers and audience of leading scientists in the dementia research field, the event reviewed perspectives on current trends in the field and developed recommendations to accelerate the integration of genomics in dementia research and diagnostic frameworks.

The session titled “Affordability and feasibility of large-scale genetic risk profiling”, focused on the following topics:

  • Should we do ever larger genome-wide association studies?
  • Will large scale population sequencing studies for dementia be productive in going after rare variants?
  • Should we be investing more effort in family-based sequencing studies?
Panelists in the session:
Dr. Jose Bras, Dementia Research Institute, University College London
Prof. Gerard D. Schellenberg, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Cornelia van Duijn, Erasmus Medical Center
Session moderated by:
Dr. Kyle Vogan, Nature Genetics
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