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Illumina and the UK Dementia Research Institute hosted a key international opinion leader summit on dementia research. With distinguished speakers and audience of leading scientists in the dementia research field, the event reviewed perspectives on current trends in the field and developed recommendations to accelerate the integration of genomics in dementia research and diagnostic frameworks.

The session titled “Variant interpretation: how to accelerate the adoption of genomic diagnosis in dementia”, focused on the following topics:

  • Is genetic screening better at prediction of disease than the current traditional phenotypic methods?
  • Do we have enough expertise to move genetic diagnosis into the clinic?
  • Is direct-to-consumer genetics dangerous?
  • Find out what leading dementia researchers think about the trends in the field and what are their recommendations for the future.

Panelists in the session:
Dr. Jonathan Rohrer, University College London
Prof. Julie Williams, UKDRI, University of Cardiff
Prof. Anne Bassett, University of Toronto

Session moderated by:
Prof. John Hardy, UKDRI, University College London

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