Join Dr. Amit V. Khera as he provides a comprehensive overview of how understanding both rare and common genetic variation can be used as a tool to better understand disease biology and improve clinical care in cardiovascular disease as well as other important diseases.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The contribution of rare pathogenic variants to sudden cardiac death and cardiovascular disease
  • The development of polygenic scores to identify additional high-risk individuals
  • How common variant background – as quantified by a polygenic score – can modify penetrance of rare pathogenic variants
  • New insights from a ‘multi-omics’ approach – assessing the proteomic signature of inherited risk
  • Efforts to build a clinical infrastructure to integrate genomics into routine practice

Dr. Amit V. Khera
Associate Director, Precision Medicine Unit, CGM, MGH; Associate Director, Cardiovascular Disease Initiative, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard


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Date & Time
5 May 2020
Genetic & rare diseases, Complex disease genomics
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