Sequencing single cells in suspensions are a popular emerging set of protocols being used across many diverse fields of study such as neurology, developmental biology, immunology and oncology.  High Throughput NGS provides the ability to profile hundreds of thousands of single cells or more in parallel in a single experiment.  A critical step to getting high quality data in a single cell experiment is to start with a suspension of fully dissociated, intact, highly viable cells. We will review best practices for preparing cell suspensions and present innovative solutions from Miltenyi Biotec for fast, reliable sample preparation. Further, it is critical to ensure the quantity and quality of the cells present in the cellular suspension and the quality of the final sequencing library.  We will demonstrate how shallow sequencing can not only save time and money but also leads to more consistent sequencing results and simplified data analysis and interpretation.

Carina Emery, M.S.
Product Manager for Sample Preparation
Miltenyi Biotec


Carina earned her master’s degree in the life sciences from Northwestern University, She then spent time in the Core Genomics Facility at the University of Illinois Chicago. Carina then became a Field Applications Scientist for Bio-Rad, supporting their single cell sequencing system. Carina is now delving deeper into finding solutions to make happy cells as Product Manager for Sample Preparation at Miltenyi Biotec.

Jeffrey Koble
Associate Scientist, Emerging Applications Dept.


After attaining a Bachelors of Science in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity at U.C. Davis, Jeff briefly worked in the NIPT field before joining Illumina. He has extensive hands-on experience carrying out the library prep and analyzing data from Illumina amplicon, enrichment, whole-genome/exome, single-cell sequencing and array assays.


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Date & Time
15 Jul 2020
9:00 AM (PDT)
North America
Cellular & molecular biology
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