Part five of the Wastewater Surveillance Webinar series features Nitzan Soffer, PhD, as she discusses the expanding field of wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE). WBE is an integral tool for public health to monitor the emergence of new variants and determine which variants are dominant in a community. Unlike clinical testing, wastewater samples include infectious diseases from an entire community, including asymptotic carriers, those unable or unwilling to access healthcare, and those not sick enough to seek medical care.

This webinar will:

  • Examine the challenges with wastewater sample preparation and analysis
  • Review the entire workflow from wastewater sample to analyzed data using tools commonly used for standard COVID sequencing
  • Provide demonstrated use of the Respiratory Oligo Viral Panel V2 for detection of viruses implicated in human health beyond COVID
Nitzan Soffer, PhD

Nitzan Soffer, PhD
Senior Product Manager
Infectious Disease and Microbiology

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Date & Time
9 Feb 2022
12:30 PM
North America
Nitzan Soffer, PhD, Senior Product Manager, Infectious Disease and Microbiology
Microbial Genomics
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