Join our webinar where we will highlight key features of the NovaSeq X series including technology innovations, product updates, and features of the on-board DRAGEN Bio-IT secondary analysis. We will cover the basics of how the flexibility and streamlined workflow of these instruments benefits lab functionality. Then we will dive deeper into the new 25B and 1.5B flow cell configurations and look at how these kits impact key applications such as whole genome sequencing, single cell, and multiomic approaches. Finally, we will get an overview of the software informatics ecosystem including on-board secondary analysis with including onboard DRAGEN secondary analysis DRAGEN and integration with Illumina Connected Software.

Meghan Buckley

Meghan Buckley, PhD
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Deepthi Shankar

Deepthi Shankar
Sr. Staff Product Marketing Manager

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Date & Time
4 Oct 2023
09:00 AM
Meghan Buckley, Deepthi Shankar
Instruments, Sequencing reagents & flow cells, Software & informatics
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