Register now for our exciting co-sponsored webinar on Wed 21 Feb 2024 at 15:00 CET.  Following brief technology introductions from 10X Genomics and Illumina, Lara Clarke, Senior Scientist at Genseq, a multiomics service provider, will showcase the development and translation of single cell methods in a CAP accredited production environment. In recent times, expertise has expanded to the fine-tuning of single cell and nuclei isolation, sequencing, and data analysis. The emphasis on adhering to GCLP and accredited quality systems will be presented based on real-world case studies across pre-clinical and clinical trial samples, along with translational research studies. ​

Learn about:​

  • Illumina products to enable your single-cell and spatial sequencing projects at various scale and throughputs​

  • Full richness of biological complexity for single-cell and spatial multiomics using toolkit from 10x Genomics​

  • Overview of capabilities from Genseq, a multiomics service provider​

  • Importance of CAP, GCLP and an accredited quality environment for data generation​

  • Case studies in pre-clinical, clinical, and translational projects​

  • Optimization of single nuclei isolation and immune profiling data generation from real world clinical and pre-clinical material  ​

  • High quality processing from initial sample QC to data analysis (primary, secondary & tertiary analysis)​


  • Vivek Kumar Mishra, Illumina​

  • Stephen Hague, 10X Genomics​

  • Lara Clarke, Genseq​

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Date & Time
21 Feb 2024
02:00 PM
Cellular & Molecular Biology
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