Medical Education/Research Grants & Sponsorships

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Supporting Research to Accelerate Access to Genomics

Illumina offers grants and sponsorships to support research that aligns with our mission to unlock the power of the genome and drive the progress of genomics. We offer this support through medical education grants, medical research grants, investigator-sponsored research grants, collaborative research support, and medical sponsorships.

Through these biomedical research efforts, scientists can pursue meaningful and groundbreaking work and Illumina can spur advances in critically needed research areas.

Medical Education Grants

Illumina supports grants for independent medical education. We are committed to advancing medicine and improving patient care through increased awareness of the utility of genomics and the role genomics can play in advancing precision medicine in health care.

We review all medical education grant proposals for compliance with our policies and relevant legal and industry requirements, including guidelines set forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), where appropriate. To allow for proper review, submit requests for medical educational grants at least 90 days prior to the proposed program date and/or accreditation date.

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Medical Research Support

Illumina actively supports medical research through research grants, Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR), and collaborative scientific research conducted by third parties on Illumina products or technology within our clinical areas of interest.

Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR), also referred to as Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS), are clinical studies initiated and managed by a non-Illumina researcher, like individual investigators and institutions. As trial sponsor, the researcher is accountable for all legal and regulatory responsibilities and for the conduct and management of the study as defined by all applicable laws and regulations. All research proposals are reviewed for compliance with Illumina policies and relevant legal and industry requirements.

We welcome unsolicited proposals from qualified investigators. Well-written, scientifically sound studies that align with our areas of strategic interest will be considered. Research support may be provided through financial support and/or in-kind product or support, as allowed under local laws and regulations. All funding requests will be assessed to ensure that they do not exceed local fair market value.

  Studies of Illumina research use only (RUO) and/or in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products in the following clinical markets: genetic disease testing, infectious disease, oncology, and reproductive health are eligible for support.
  Non-clinical studies (with animal models) are out of scope.
  Funding requests for expenses not associated with the conduct of the study are strictly prohibited.

For approved studies, a fully executed study agreement between the sponsor and Illumina is required before support can be provided.

Completed proposals for research support should be submitted to

The sponsor/investigator must meet (or agree to) the following requirements:

  • Have the scientific, technical, and operational capabilities to conduct a study as a sponsor, including adequately trained staff to execute a study using Good Clinical Research Practices (GCP), (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), etc.
  • Have access to appropriate bioinformatics and statistical support
  • Submit a scientifically well-designed and well-written study proposal
  • Deliver to agreed timelines
  • Publish the study in a scientific journal
  • Agree to provide study updates and a written report of final study results to Illumina
Key Responsibilities Collaborative Research Research Grant/ISR
Initiation of study proposal Investigator or Illumina Investigator – NOT solicited by Illumina
Regulatory responsibility/sponsor Investigator Investigator
Study objectives Illumina + Investigator Investigator, but aligned to Illumina objectives
Study design Investigator (leading) + Illumina Investigator
Protocol design/development Investigator (leading) + Illumina Investigator
Study Execution Investigator (leading) + Illumina Investigator
Data ownership/sharing As per agreement Investigator
Data reporting As per agreement Investigator
Ownership of Intellectual Property As per agreement Investigator
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Medical Sponsorships

Illumina may sponsor philanthropic, educational, or scientific causes. These medical sponsorships are separate from charitable donations, educational grants or research grants. Examples of causes and events we have sponsored in the past include:

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