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Sandip Patel, MD: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

940 views | 4 years ago

Sandip Patel, MD, from UCSD Moores Cancer Center provides his point of view on Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP), as an approach for assessing biomarkers for therapy selection and clinical trial...

An overview of the Illumina Single-cell sequencing and analysis workflow

138124 views | 4 years ago

Get inside the latest innovation in NGS testing, Illumina patterned flow cell technology. Illumina patterned flow cell technology allows for NGS single-cell sequencing. The benefits of single-cell sequencing...

Healthcare Experts view on Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

517 views | 4 years ago

Healthcare experts worldwide discuss how Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) can lead to more efficiencies in a pathology lab operation, as well as increase the likelihood of finding an actionable...

Xing Cancer Care: Simplifying NGS Data Analysis with BaseSpace Sequence Hub and DRAGEN

2000 views | 4 years ago

Developing and setting up a new NGS analysis pipeline can be a time and money-consuming venture. Lynn Fink, Lab Director at Xing Cancer Care in Brisbane Australia shares how she uses Illumina’s BaseSpace...

Impact of Genetic Sequencing for Rare Disease Diagnosis

141030 views | 4 years ago

In the search for a rare disease diagnosis, whole genome sequencing has the opportunity to provide an answers earlier and can make a difference in care. Subscribe to the Illumina video channel

GeneDx: Enabling Operational Growth with DRAGEN

1860 views | 4 years ago

Kyle Retterer, Chief Innovation Officer at GeneDx, details how his company seamlessly integrated the DRAGEN Server into its existing on-premises solution to lower costs and reduce turnaround times,...

Diagnosing Suboptimal Clustering in Patterned Flow Cells

4397 views | 4 years ago

Although over clustering is not possible on patterned flow cell, loading a library with a suboptimal concentration negatively impacts run data. In this video, we will discuss preventing and diagnosing...

Optimal Cluster Density Best Practices

5121 views | 4 years ago

In this video, we will discuss optimal cluster density and how over and under-clustering can affect your sequencing data. We will then examine common clustering issues and ways to prevent them. More...