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Illumina® | Tour the NovaSeq™ X Series

957 views | 1 week ago

The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems deliver exceptional throughput and accuracy from a global leader and trusted partner in genomics. The series enables transformational economics and...

Advance Human Health with Genomics

109 views | 1 week ago

Lisa Alderson CEO and Co-Founder of Genome Medical, Inc sits down with Janina Jeff, PhD Illumina Bioinformatics Scientist in this Illumina Lightbox Conversation. Lisa enthusiastically sees that the...

The role of informatics and genomics in drug discovery.

482 views | 1 month ago

Slavé Petrovski, head of AstraZeneca's Centre for Genomics Research, Discovery Sciences, R&D spoke with Illumina to discuss the role of informatics and genomics in drug discovery. Find out more about...

MyIllumina & B2B eProcurement Solutions

132 views | 1 month ago

Illumina provides several ways of doing business online and understands you need an easy and seamless self-service solution. Illumina provides both B2B and direct purchasing options to best accommodate...

Illumina B2B eProcurement Solutions

75 views | 1 month ago

Our B2B integration team is here to help set up a direct eProcurement integration allowing for seamless purchasing, orders, and invoicing. Our integrations include Punchout or Hosted Catalog solutions,...

Illumina at the Festival of Genomics & Biodata 2023

717 views | 2 months ago

The annual London event featured sessions with genomics leaders and showcased the NovaSeq X series. #genomics #FoG2023 Subscribe to the Illumina video channel

Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts: Multi-Omic Cancer Workflow

638 views | 2 months ago

Building cases and controls out of complex genomic and phenotypic data to uncover biomarkers of interest is difficult at scale. The fundamental starting point is cohort selection. This demonstration...

Conhecer opções para expandir o rastreio genético pré-natal com o teste pré-natal não invasivo

54 views | 3 months ago

Esta série de vídeos fornece algumas informações básicas sobre os testes genéticos pré-natais para ajudá-la a tomar decisões com base naquilo que mais importa para si. Assista a todos os vídeos desta...