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Archer® FusionPlex® CTL Panel

CTL Panel is a targeted NGS panel to detect thyroid and lung cancer-specific fusions and point mutations from RNA.Read More...
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Archer FusionPlex CTL Panel - 8 reactions


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Functional gene fusions result in over-expression of one portion of the gene and lack of expression in the portion that has been translocated away. This results in an imbalance of expression levels within the gene of interest. Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMPTM) uses molecular barcodes which enable the counting of unique molecules across a region to assess difference of expression levels. In the CTL panel, select targets are designed to enable the calculation of expression imbalance as a confirmatory method for detecting gene fusions.

  • Comprehensive fusion detection in lung and thyroid cancers
  • Confirmation of fusion events with expression imbalance
  • Expression profiling of relevant targets using molecular barcodes
  • Streamlined, lyophilized workflow mutation detection algorithms
  • Splice variant detection of EGFRvIII and MET exon 14 skipping

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Report on FFPE Extraction Methods

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