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Archer® FusionPlex® Oncology Research Kit

The Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit is a targeted enrichment assay that can be used to create libraries for next generation sequencing.Read More...
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Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit - 8 reactions


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The Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit is a next generation sequencing (NGS) assay to simultaneously detect and identify fusions and other mutations associated with 75 genes found in RNA transcripts that are linked to various cancers. Archer has developed a comprehensive kit to rapidly detect translocations from total nucleic acid isolated from tumor samples, including FFPE preserved specimens. Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMPTM) enrichment chemistry enables targeted amplification of fusion mRNAs, creating libraries that are optimal for multiplex NGS-based fusion detection. Archer technology permits the simultaneous detection of both known recurrent fusions as well as previously unidentified fusions at key breakpoints in target genes. The Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit offers comprehensive NGS-based fusion detection, from library preparation through data analysis.

  • High throughput - protocol increases ability to systematically detect and discover fusions in tumor samples
  • Expert design - >98% panel uniformity and minimal off targeting due to superlatively optimized primer design
  • Extensive - the most comprehensive FusionPlex kit available

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Report on FFPE Extraction Methods

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PreSeq RNA QC Assay

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Archer FusionPlex Assay Targets

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