High-density arrays for DNA analysis

Flexible Infinium BeadChips offer genomic content for virtually any genetic analysis application

Infinium Assay

The Infinium high-density (HD) DNA analysis solution combines the Infinium Assay with BeadChip microarrays for large-scale interrogation of genome variations. The Infinium HD Assay leverages proven chemistry and a robust BeadChip array platform to produce exceptional data quality and call rates, as well as consistent reproducibility. From customized studies on targeted regions to large-scale genome-wide association studies, the flexible Infinium HD design offers a powerful solution for a broad range of genetic analysis applications.

Infinium HD Assay

Infinium HD BeadChip arrays feature advanced genomic content for genotyping, copy number variation (CNV), and cytogenetic analysis. Profile the human genome with 300,000 to nearly 1.2 million markers strategically selected to provide dense coverage, few large gaps, and cutting-edge content associated with human diseases.

Infinium HD BeadChips

Infinium HD iSelect BeadChips allow you to provide your own content for virtually any marker in the genome and any species of interest. Access the enhanced multiplexing capabilities of the Infinium HD Assay deployed on either the 24-sample format (3,000 to 90,000 attempted bead types), the 12-sample format (90,001 to 250,000 attempted bead types), or the 4-sample format (250,001 to 1,000,000 attempted bead types).

For array customization in human studies, add up to 60,800 markers to the standard whole-genome SNP genotyping and CNV identification content available on the semi-custom HumanOmniExpress+ BeadChip. Standard BeadChips are also available which feature focused content for agriculturally relevant species.

Infinium Assay Workflow

This assay provides unlimited multiplexing for whole-genome genotyping applications with a manual or automated workflow.

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The Infinium HD Assay protocol allows for single tube sample preparation without PCR or ligation steps, significantly reducing labor and sample handling errors. The assay can be scaled to unlimited levels of multiplexing without compromising data quality, unlike many alternative PCR-dependent assays.

Infinium Assay Core Publication

This paper describes Infinium whole-genome genotyping with the single-base extension assay.

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Genomic markers are interrogated though a two-step detection process. Carefully designed 50-mer probes selectively hybridize to the loci of interest, stopping one base before the interrogated marker. Marker specificity is conferred by enzymatic single-base extension to incorporate a labeled nucleotide.

Subsequent dual-color fluorescent staining allows the labeled nucleotide to be detected by the Illumina iScan System, which identifies both color and signal intensity. For genotyping assays, the red and green color signals specify each allele, where homozygotes are indicated by red/red or green/green signals, and heterozyotes are indicated by red/green (yellow) signals.

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