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Proven base-calling accuracy and uniform coverage deliver the highest yield of error-free reads

Benefits of SBS Technology

Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) is the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology responsible for generating more than 90% of the world’s sequencing data.1 SBS chemistry delivers the highest yield of error-free reads2, enabling robust base calling across the genome. The quality and performance advantages of Illumina SBS technology give you confidence in your results.

Sequencing by Synthesis (Now in 3D)

Using a single base extension and competitive addition of nucleotides, SBS chemistry results in highly accurate sequencing. SBS produces the highest percentage of sequenced bases over Q30—a quality score indicating a 0.1% probability that a base was called incorrectly. This proven accuracy improves project efficiency, with the fewest false positives, false negatives, and miscalls among leading NGS platforms.3

Optimized SBS reagents ensure uniform coverage and accuracy across even difficult-to-sequence genome regions, like repetitive or GC-rich spans. SBS uses base-by-base, reversible-terminator chemistry, which virtually eliminates the homopolymer errors seen in ion-semiconductor or pyrosequencing technologies. SBS also avoids the high GC bias observed in hybridization and ligation-based chemistries.3

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SBS allows for paired-end sequencing—sequencing DNA library fragments from both ends, which generates high-quality sequence data. Because the distance between each read pair is known, paired-end sequencing improves alignment and genome assembly. Sequences aligned as read pairs enable accurate detection of structural variants, gene fusions, and transcript isoforms.

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Innovations in SBS reagents, optics, and flow cells have further enhanced the capabilities of Illumina sequencers. Examples of recent advances are shown below.

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