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Infinium MethylationEPIC v2.0 Kit

A robust methylation profiling microarray that provides extensive coverage of CpG islands, genes, and enhancers for epigenome-wide association studies.

Recommended products

Infinium XT iSelect-96 Kit

A comprehensive microarray solution that enables production-scale genotyping of up to 100,000 single- or multi-species custom variants for non-human, and 50,000 custom variants for human.

Infinium CytoSNP-850K BeadChip

A consortium-built SNP-based microarray providing thorough coverage of 3262 cytogenetically relevant genes for constitutional and cancer research.

BovineHD DNA Analysis Kit

This comprehensive genome-wide bovine genotyping array kit features over 777,000 SNPs, and is compatible with any breed of beef or dairy cattle.

Infinium Omni5-4 Kit

This 4-sample BeadChip array, optimized for genome-wide genotyping and CNV studies, covers > 4.3 million variants.

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