iSeq 100 Virtual Tour

Meet your new lab partner—the iSeq 100 Sequencing System

Get ready to explore like never before. The iSeq 100 is here to help you with sample runs and fast answers. It’s the newest, smallest, and most accessible sequencer ever from Illumina, which means you can now get to your results faster—whether you’re working with small oncology panels, microbiology or viral sequencing.

Start Your Run

The iSeq 100 is our most user-friendly sequencer yet. Once you’ve prepared your library, all it takes to get started is a simple push of a button.

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Load your library

Our easy-load cartridges include self-contained reagents. You’ll pipette your sample into each and then insert your flow cell. The iSeq 100 is the first sequencer that will denature your library for you—it’s that easy.

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Insert cartridge

Now that your cartridge is ready, load it into the iSeq 100 and simply press the close door button.

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Run Sequence

Follow the prompts on the screen to set your run parameters and press Start Run. You’ll do a system pre-check, and then you’re ready to sequence.

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With proven SBS chemistry, your new lab partner can give you data quality you can trust—making your results both fast and efficient.

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Analyze and Interpret Data

Now that your sequencing is complete you can integrate with a local run manager (LRM) or BaseSpace Sequence Hub to analyze and share your results in a secure cloud environment.

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Meet new ideas

With a range of applications from oncology panels to microbiology, you can change how you think of your research. It’s time to conduct fast, efficient studies. It’s time to meet your new lab partner— the iSeq 100.

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