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Pipeline to Point-of-Care: Inclusive Healthcare Innovation

28 views | 1 year ago

Moderator: Ashley Van Zeeland, Illumina Panelists: Racquel Bracken, Venrock; Kimberly Wilson, HUED Description: Two up-and-coming change-makers take on the topics of equity and leadership in healthcare...

Everyone Has a Part to Play

32 views | 1 year ago

Host: Janina Jeff, Illumina Spotlight Speaker: Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health Description: Janina Jeff and Francis Collins discuss current and future pandemics, and touch on the roles...

Nobel to Nobel: Jennifer Doudna in conversation with Frances Arnold

99 views | 1 year ago

Host: Frances Arnold, California Institute of Technology Spotlight Speaker: Jennifer Doudna, University of California Berkeley Description: Inside the groundbreaking journeys of two women in science,...

Introducing Illumina Connected Analytics

172 views | 1 year ago

Analyze, manage, aggregate, and explore data at scale with Illumina Connected Analytics, a comprehensive, secure, cloud-based data platform empowering genomics researchers.

The Utility and Potential of Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

525 views | 2 years ago

In this educational video, Dr. David Eberhard, Senior Medical Director in Oncology at Illumina, explains what comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is and how it provides cancer patients and oncologists...

2020 Agriculture Greater Good Initiative Winner Shares How this Will Transform Mungbean Breeding

126 views | 2 years ago

The International Mungbean Improvement Network is serving ~10 million smallholder farmers by improving crop yield and overcoming challenges from diseases and pests. Mungbean is a short-duration legume...

Using Whole Genome Sequencing To Hunt For A Diagnosis in Rare Disease: The Future Is Now

554 views | 2 years ago

What was once only a futuristic vision has become reality for patients and physicians seeking answers for a rare disease. Learn how whole genome sequencing can be deployed to hunt for a diagnosis and...

Ending Sophia’s 10-Year Diagnostic Odyssey

194 views | 2 years ago

After seven years, dozens of specialists, dozens of genetic tests and MRIs, Sophia and her family were exhausted and without a diagnosis. They needed two years to recharge before re-engaging to end...