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The Future is Bright: Career exploration through hands-on experiences in the classroom

660 views | 2 months ago

Meghan, an 11th grade biology teacher, shares her passion for immersive hands-on learning, genomics-centered curriculum and career exploration into her San Diego classroom! Celebrate The Future is Bright...

HRH The Princess Royal Helps Illumina Mark DNA Day

1224 views | 2 months ago

This year's DNA Day festivities at the Illumina Centre in Granta Park, Cambridge, saw the participation of 150 enthusiastic children from local Cambridgeshire schools in underserved areas. They were...

Connect Your AWS S3 Bucket to an Illumina® Connected Analytics Project

199 views | 2 months ago

In this video, we demonstrate how to connect your own AWS S3 bucket as a storage configuration for your Illumina® Connected Analytics (ICA) project. Subscribe to the Illumina video channel

Illumina PRS grant winner investigates genetic linkage between opioid use disorder and chronic pain

277 views | 2 months ago

Illumina congratulates Emma Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for winning the Illumina Polygenic Research Grant Contest. Professor...

Innovation everywhere

710 views | 2 months ago

What does it take to make genomics accessible for all? Sustainable products. Oncology assays. New algorithms. Innovation is in our DNA at Illumina – discover the innovative biotech professionals behind...

NextSeq™ 2000 at The SGS Global Biosciences Center - Lisbon

1262 views | 2 months ago

Vanessa Luís and João Rodrigues from the Global Biosciences Center, part of SGS in Lisbon share their experience of the NextSeq™ 2000, from extending their capabilities beyond amplicon sequencing to...

Infinium Arrays: With Infinium and Beyond

3617562 views | 3 months ago

Infinium arrays are a powerful tool for analyzing genetic variation across the genome. They are a robust technology capable of generating comprehensive coverage of genetic variants, high-throughput...

Fast, simple library prep from Illumina

486 views | 3 months ago

Experience fast, simple library prep and enrichment workflow from Illumina. Illumina DNA library prep kits ( and RNA library...