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llumina HiScanSQ System -- the Power of Arrays and Sequencing in a Single Platform

1312 views | 8 years ago

HiScanSQ integrates two proven Illumina technologies, arrays and sequencing, into one powerful platform. The two technologies have catalyzed a multitude of ground-breaking discoveries in trait and disease...

Illumina Infinium HD FFPE Restoration Solution Overview

1469 views | 8 years ago

Archival Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples hold an abundance of invaluable information for human cancer studies. Because these samples generally yield highly degraded DNA, they perform...

Illumina's Eco Real-Time PCR System

1825 views | 8 years ago

Eco is a Plug and Play Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction system designed for individual researcher use. With the Eco system, Real-Time PCR technology is now within reach of individual researchers....

Illumina Arrays: Next-Gen GWAS Now

5797 views | 8 years ago

Next-generation GWAS requires next-generation genotyping tools. Illumina offers a range of genotyping array options to fit any study, any budget. We show you how.

Illumina Genome Network Overview

532 views | 8 years ago

The Illumina Genome Network offers human whole-genome sequencing services without compromise. It's simple and convenient. Let us show you how.

Agriculture Capabilities

253 views | 8 years ago

Scalable. Reliable. Flexible. Illumina has the most extensive toolset available for a wide variety of agrigenomics applications and species. Generate industry-leading data quality. Breed success. Harvest...