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As researchers seek to understand how the transcriptome shapes biology, RNA-Seq is
becoming recognized as one of the most significant and powerful tools in modern science. With RNA-Seq, researchers can detect the fine architecture of the transcriptome, such as transcript isoforms, gene fusions, single nucleotide variants, and other features—without prior knowledge. In addition to RNA-Seq, methylation sequencing can provide insights into the regulation of RNA and the temporal and spatial expression of gene products. By combining both RNA and methylation sequencing, researchers who study complex disease, cancer, and other biological systems will have a more complete picture of the transcriptome and its underlying regulatory features.

In this live webinar, we discuss the RNA-Seq and Methyl-Seq workflows that can help researchers drive breakthroughs and understanding in the area of gene expression and gene regulation. Join our gene expression and methylation experts as they review how researchers are driving discovery and learn how our workflows can help your lab leverage the power of next-generation sequencing.

Date & Time
9 AM – 10 AM (PT)
North America
Fraz Syed, Market Manager & Britt Flaherty, PhD, Sr. Sales Specialist
Genetic Health
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