TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents

Error correction with unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) for next-generation sequencing libraries.

1.5 days

Assay time

5 hr

Hands-on time

30 ng cell-free DNA

Input quantity

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These reagents reduce background noise in sequencing data, enabling detection of low-frequency variants, such as those found in cell-free DNA (cfDNA).

Reduced error rates

Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) may represent a very small fraction of cfDNA, near the limit of detection for next-generation sequencing (NGS). The TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents address this challenge with UMIs and error correction software, reducing error rates to < 0.007% and enabling detection of low-frequency variants. Lower error rates increase analytical specificity, resulting in higher confidence in NGS data.

Workflow integration

The TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents include UMI adapters and indexes, plus DNA library prep and enrichment reagents. These reagents can also be paired with the TruSight Tumor 170 DNA oligos. Integration of UMIs does not create any extra steps in the library prep workflow.

Intuitive software for error correction

The UMI Error Correction App aligns reads, then uses UMIs to exclude false positives, reducing variant calling errors. The UMI Error Correction App is available in the cloud-based BaseSpace Sequence Hub or for local installation.


Required products


TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents do not contain any enrichment probes. If you wish to use the TruSight Tumor 170 DNA probe set, purchase the TruSight Tumor 170 Content Set separately.

For convenience, the TruSight cfDNA instrument bundles contain all reagents necessary to generate libraries and sequence 48 samples at the recommended sequencing depth for cell-free DNA (cfDNA) libraries on the selected instrument.

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Example workflow


TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents


Local UMI Error Correction App

Contact your local Illumina Support team to access the Local UMI Error Correction App.

* Performance on the NovaSeq 6000 System was demonstrated but not extensively tested.

Related applications and methods


Background reduction facilitates accurate variant calling

To enable accurate detection of rare variants, UMIs are integrated with error correction software, enabling true mutations to be distinguished from background noise. The bottom panel illustrates how, by removing inherent errors that result in false positives, the reduced error rate allows true mutations (red dots) to be better distinguished from background noise (grey dots).

Reduction of error rates with UMIs

Library preparation was performed using the TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents paired with DNA content from the TruSight Tumor 170 DNA assay. 31 samples were distributed among four independent sequencing runs on the HiSeq 4000 System. Mean error rates are shown with and without collapsed reads using the UMI Error Correction App.

Sequencing Run Mean Error Rate (Uncollapsed Reads) Mean Error Rate (Collapsed Reads)
1 0.038% 0.0023%
2 0.043% 0.0024%
3 0.035% 0.0024%
4 0.084% 0.0019%

TruSight Oncology UMI Reagents (16 indexes, 48 samples)


Contains the TruSight Oncology DNA library prep and enrichment reagents plus the TruSight UMI Toolkit. Provides sufficient reagents for the generation of 48 UMI-containing libraries with 16 unique index pairs. Utilized to generate libraries with reduced error rates, enabling the detection of low frequency variants. Contains no enrichment probes - TST170 content may be purchased separately.

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TruSight® Tumor 170 Content Set


DNA and RNA probes for 170 genes in TST170 kit.

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