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Extend genomic selection to the entire herd with this expert-designed genotyping array featuring scalable content at an economical price. Read More...
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BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip (48 samples)



BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip+ (48 samples)


BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip (288 samples)



BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip+ (288 samples)


BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip (1152 samples)



BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip+ (1152 samples)


Product Highlights

The BovineLD BeadChip microarray kit enables accurate genotyping to understand the impact of genetics on milk production, reproduction, health, and more. Delivering scalable, expert-selected content at an economical price, it allows you to extend genomic selection to the entire herd. This array offers:

  • A robust imputation tool to estimate genomic breeding value accurately
  • High call rates, with demonstrated imputation efficiency of > 98%
  • Expertly selected content that can be enhanced with up to 80,000 custom markers
  • Contains all 200 SNPs on the ISAG panel for bovine parentage (100 core SNPs and 100 additional SNPs)
  • The ability to interrogate up to 24 samples in parallel
Cost-Effective Genotyping of Herd Animals

The BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip, together with the Infinium BovineSNP50, Infinium BovineHD, and iSelect Custom BeadChips, creates a broad genotyping portfolio that breeders can rely on to characterize genetic variation and accurately estimate genomic breeding value.

While the BovineHD and BovineSNP50 BeadChips provide power to interrogate genetic variation in high-value animals and support genome-wide studies, the BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip enables the cost-effective genotyping of lower-value animals.

High Imputation Accuracy

The strategically selected SNPs possess demonstrated reliability, high average minor allele frequency (MAF), uniform distribution across the bovine genome, and excellent imputation performance for a range of global dairy breeds. The 7,931 SNPs on the BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip were subjected to rigorous functional testing on multiple breeds to ensure strong performance. Illumina ensures that every BovineLD BeadChip offers > 99% average call rate across common dairy and beef cattle breeds.

Superior, Scalable Content

Illumina developed the BovineLD v2.0 BeadChip as part of a BovineLD Consortium in collaboration with global bovine agricultural thought leaders. Illumina scientists and collaborators referenced historical data generated with the BovineSNP50 BeadChip to identify the best SNP content for imputation efficiency among global dairy breeds.1

In silico testing determined that the highest imputation efficiency could be achieved by optimizing MAF among targeted breeds and evenly spacing SNPs across the entire bovine genome with higher marker densities at the chromosomal ends. Content includes coverage of all chromosomes, including X, known Y haplotypes, and mitochondrial DNA.

High-Throughput Format

The Infinium Assay powers this multi-sample genotyping panel, delivering high call rates and excellent reproducibility. The assay’s PCR-free single-tube sample preparation significantly reduces labor and potential sample handling errors.2,3 A multi-sample format further reduces experimental variability and overall project cost by allowing breeders to interrogate up to 24 samples in parallel.

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