Performance parameters and specifications for the MiniSeq

Its small footprint allows MiniSeq to fit seamlessly into laboratories, with no need for specialized, ancillary equipment

MiniSeq Specifications

  MiniSeq System High-Output Kit* MiniSeq Rapid Kit* MiniSeq System Mid-Output Kit*
Read Length 2 × 150 bp 2 × 75 bp 1 × 75 bp 1 × 100 bp 2 × 150 bp
Total Time ~24 hrs 13 hrs 7 hrs < 5 hrs 17 hrs
Output 6.6–7.5 Gb 3.3–3.75 Gb 1.65–1.875 Gb 2 Gb 2.1–2.4 Gb

* Install specifications based on Illumina PhiX control library at supported cluster densities (between 129 and 165 k/mm2 clusters passing filter). Actual performance parameters may vary based on sample type, sample quality, and clusters passing filter. All MiniSeq kits are paired-end compatible.
† Total times include cluster generation, sequencing with High Output flow cell, and base calling with quality scores on a MiniSeq System.

  MiniSeq System High-Output Kit MiniSeq System Rapid Kit MiniSeq System Mid-Output Kit
Single Reads 22–25 million 20 million 7–8 million
Paired-End Reads 44–50 million N/A 14–16 million
MiniSeq System High-Output Kit MiniSeq System Mid-Output Kit MiniSeq System Rapid Kit
> 80% bases higher than Q30 at 2 × 150 bp > 80% bases higher than Q30 at 2 × 150 bp > 85% bases higher than Q30 at 1 × 100 bp
> 85% bases higher than Q30 at 2 × 75 bp    
> 85% bases higher than Q30 at 1 × 75 bp    

†† A quality score (Q-score) is a prediction of the probability of an error in base calling. The percentage of bases > Q30 is averaged across the entire run.

MiniSeq System Specification Sheet

MiniSeq System Specification Sheet

The power of proven Illumina sequencing, now more accessible than ever.

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Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS) Technology

The MiniSeq System harnesses proven Illumina SBS technology to deliver highly accurate data and robust performance for a broad range of applications. SBS uses a reversible-terminator method, with fluorescently labeled nucleotides to detect single bases as they are incorporated into growing DNA strands.

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2-Channel Technology

2-channel SBS chemistry offers efficient sequencing and data generation. 2-channel SBS reduces cycle and data processing times, while delivering the same high quality and accuracy that sets Illumina systems apart. This innovation makes NGS an affordable solution for use as an everyday tool in laboratories worldwide.

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MiniSeq Reagent Kits

Access cost-efficient sequencing with high data quality, even for low numbers of samples. MiniSeq Rapid reagents are now available and reduce sequencing run times to < 5 hours, enabling faster detection of respiratory viruses and pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2.

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