AmpliSeq for Illumina Noonan Research Panel

This sequencing research panel assesses 14 genes associated with Noonan syndrome, an autosomal dominant congenital disorder. Read More...
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AmpliSeq™ Noonan Research Panel for Illumina®



Product Highlights

This panel enables researchers to assess 14 genes known to be related to this disorder: A2ML1, BRAF, CBL, HRAS, KRAS, MAP2K1, MAP2K2, NRAS, PTPN11, RAF1, RIT1, SHOC2, SOS1, and SPRED1. This research panel was developed in collaboration with a European consortium.

Community Panel Features

AmpliSeq for Illumina Community Panels are made-to-order. We provide the designs for your convenience; however, they do not have associated performance metrics. For predesigned and tested content, view AmpliSeq for Illumina Ready-to-Use Panels.

AmpliSeq for Illumina Community Panels contain content selected and designed with input from leading disease researchers. You can order this community panel as is, or customize the panel to meet your needs, using DesignStudio software to add or remove genes and amplicons.

Other Required Products

In addition to the community panel, you will also need an AmpliSeq Library PLUS kit and index adapters.

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