Polygenic Risk Score software–Predict module

Illumina Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) software enables simplified analysis and reporting.

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Illumina Polygenic Risk Score software is a user-friendly research solution that accelerates the complex Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) development process while reducing the need for technical expertise.

The Predict module identifies an individual's genetic disease risk, considering their ancestral background. The Predict module uses imputation software to increase the number of genetic variants included in your dataset. This allows you to apply your risk score or choose from a list of risk scores from the Polygenic Score Catalog (PGS Catalog). The output is an optional summary report of an individual’s risk score compared to a reference population, allowing you to estimate any variance in relative risk.

The Illumina Polygenic Risk Score software – Predict module offers:

  • Streamlined genotype-to-risk assessment with broad disorder coverage

  • An easy-to-use interface for simplified data analysis and PRS reporting

  • Ancestry-informed genetic risk scores for highly accurate disease risk prediction

Required products

This software is available as part of a comprehensive toolkit. You'll also need a suitable human Infinium BeadChip and associated reagents, access to an iScan System, and an Illumina Connected Analytics annual subscription (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) to facilitate analysis.

The Infinium Global Diversity Array with Polygenic Risk Score Content is designed specifically for this software.

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Researchers perform large genome-wide association studies with the Global Screening Array to identify disease-associated DNA risk loci and develop PRSs for clinical validation.


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Simplified workflow for PRS determination using the Predict module. The Predict module offers a comprehensive risk prediction solution for fast and accurate disease risk assessments without the need for extensive bioinformatics resources

In BaseSpace Sequence Hub, navigate to ‘Runs - Microarray Analysis Setup’ to get started with analysis

Setup analysis configuration including PRS selection

Select sample for analysis with Sample Sheet or BeadChips

View analysis results

Polygenic Risk Score report - Individualized reports convey the relative risk percentile for each sample in an easy-to-visualize format with information about the PRS that was used for risk calculation



Polygenic Risk Scores bring new potential for predicting disease risk


Polygenic Risk Score series | Explore future uses for Polygenic Risk Scores


Illumina Polygenetic Risk Score solution

Polygenic Risk Score - Predict module - Array


Polygenic Risk Score.- Predict module, developed in partnership with Allelica, calculates and reports PRS from an easy to use interface in BaseSpace Sequence Hub. Billing is done per sample so users should purchaase the same number of units as samples available to analyze.

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