Precision Health

Genomics technologies are empowering precision health

Every few decades a handful of advances forever change medicine and launch us into a new era of human health


Why Consider a Precision Health Approach?

Precision health uses treatment informed by the biology of disease and individuals’ genetic blueprints to improve outcomes. Clinical uses of precision health are growing rapidly. Personalized medicine and health programs can help match patients to treatments, reduce disease burden, improve quality of life, increase survival rates, and reduce the cost of care.

"Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the power of precision medicine."

– Ammar Qadan, VP of Global Market Access at Illumina

Implementing Precision Health Initiatives

Population-Based Screening Within a Health System

UCSF Health System recently launched a precision medicine initiative to offer free voluntary whole-genome sequencing to all UCSF Health patients.

Precision Health through Population Genomics

Implementation of population-scale precision health, including clinical implementation, at Intermountain Healthcare has illuminated the feasibility, and some of the remaining barriers, in genomic medicine.

Personalized Medicine and NorthShore University Health System

NorthShore has integrated genomics into primary care. The initiatives will address workflow and data organization challenges across the entire health system.

Shriners Hospitals Launches Ambitious Sequencing Initiative

This iconic health care system will advance research and personalized medicine from Mexico City to Montreal and beyond.

“Pharmacogenomics Saved My Life”

Mehri Coulter, mental health advocate, describes her struggles with bipolar disorder and how she was ultimately able to achieve stability and happiness through pharmacogenomic testing.

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Applications of Precision Health

The range of personalized medicine and health/wellness applications is rapidly growing in areas like cancer, genetic disease, and pharmacogenomics, to name a few.

Using genetics to match patients to the best treatment possible can improve survival rates and it can also reduce cost of care, result in better medication management, and help improve outcomes and quality of life.

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