Transition to high-throughput with the NovaSeq X Series

Effortless high-throughput NGS with the NovaSeq X Series

Scale up your way with more speed and flexibility than ever before


Scale up your sequencing power with NovaSeq X Series

The NovaSeq X Series delivers a reduced cost per Gb, improved operational simplicity, and streamlined bioinformatics. These advances sharply reduce the barriers to sequencing at scale and provide for more samples with the same budget.

Illumina is a trusted technology partner with demonstrated leadership and a proven track record of genomics solutions. We offer industry-leading support and service with instruments you can rely upon.

Cost efficiencies enable application expansion

Make the move from exomes to genomes with the NovaSeq X Series. It’s easier than ever to expand whole-genome sequencing (WGS) in your lab with the $200 USD genome.* WGS delivers a comprehensive view of the genome, making it ideal for discovery applications.

Boost your efficiency, reduce your turnaround time and labor burden with the two-lane, 1.5B flow cell. It allows you to cost-effectively sample batch and ease into increased throughput for several applications. This flow cell is capable of ~4 human genomes, ~41 exomes, and ~30 transcriptomes per 1.5B flow cell.

* The NovaSeq X Plus System can sequence more than 20,000 whole genomes per year and enables the $200 genome. $200 genome on NovaSeq X Series is delivered at list price on the 25B flow cell.

The decrease in cost/Gb on the NovaSeq X Series reduces the gap between WGS and whole-exome sequencing (WES) by over 2.5× compared to the NovaSeq 6000 System. (Based on US prices for the 25B 300-cycle kit).

Unlock the next wave of genomic discovery

Increased discovery power will come from larger studies, deeper sequencing to identify rare genetic events, and broader sequencing methods and multiomics for a more comprehensive view of cellular activity. Learn how the NovaSeq X Series makes it easy to transition to high-throughput and expand your application reach.

Operational simplicity reduces the learning curve

Implementing high-throughput sequencing workflows is faster and easier than ever before with the NovaSeq X Series. There are fewer touch points and steps, from run planning to sequencing and analysis.

You'll spend less time and effort thanks to established, plug-and-play applications for whole-genome sequencing, whole-exome sequencing, and RNA sequencing. Previously a challenging application, human whole-genome sequencing on the NovaSeq X Series is now one of the simplest.

The ultimate user experience

Reduce your chances of error with intuitive user interface and user-guided prompts along your sequencing run:
  • Easily assess status, estimated completion, and primary run metrics with a simplified run progress screen.
  • Efficiently monitor runs at the flow cell and lane level in real-time with the Sequencing Analysis Viewer.
  • Easily manage planned, active, and completed runs via Illumina Run Manager.
  • Quickly identify the correct kit/compatibility of components with color-coded reagents and components.

Scaling up has never been easier with a breadth of flow cell options and individually addressable lanes for sample batching and smooth transitioning.


Crafting the Ultimate User Experience

Data quality starts with how accurately a user can interact with an instrument– and this begins with the user experience. Learn how the Illumina Experience Design team took a user-centric approach to the development of the NovaSeq X Series and reagents in this video.​


Sequence more sustainably than ever

When it comes to day-to-day lab operations, you want to spend less time unboxing and more time on the science.

The NovaSeq X Series reagents provide numerous improved efficiencies that support this:

  • 90% reduction in packaging weight and 90% reduction in waste
  • 61% reduction of climate change impact*
  • Tool-free cartridge recycling
  • 50% reduction in cartridge volume minimizes freezer, refrigerator and storage space: smaller consumable footprint increases ease of handling and reduces space requirements in your lab

With ambient temperature shipping and lyophilized reagents, high-throughput sequencing is now more accessible around the world. Reduce cold-chain shipping and disposal burdens with elimination of dry ice and ice packs.

* Preliminary results of streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by external party regarding climate impact (per Gb of genetic code of NovaSeq X 10B 300-cycle kit compared to NovaSeq 6000 S4 300-cycle kit for the US market, and 41% reduction for UK market (savings are reduced for UK due to replacement of some air freight with truck transport).

Cartridge cover

Disassembly by pulling the sides and lifting; no tools required

Reagent wells

Pinch to release wells allows easy disposal of remaining reagents

Labels & RFIDs

Easy to remove labels and RFIDs to recycle Lyo insert, library tube strip, & buffer cartridge

No-mess reagent disposal

Caps and breather design prevents spills and splashing

Demonstrated leadership, trust, and support

You can sequence confidently knowing that over 1000 researchers and clinicians have trusted Illumina and the NovaSeq brand for their high-throughput sequencing needs. With more than two decades of leadership in next-generation sequencing and over 300,000 peer-reviewed publications, Illumina has a proven track record.

Illumina instruments are known for exceptional data quality and reliability. Our comprehensive workflow solutions, from library prep to analysis, and highly robust and validated systems reduce the chance of run failure.

Our best-in-class support includes:

  • Maximum uptime with global support in multiple languages
  • Over 650 support personnel worldwide with local field service engineers, onsite field application scientists, and technical support
  • Fast customer response times and faster case resolution with
  • Proactive instrument monitoring
  • Facilitated instrument and NGS workflow onboarding

Hear from the experts


Increasing the rate and scale of scientific discovery

The Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) welcomed Australia’s first NovaSeq X Plus to their lab in Melbourne, Australia.


Pushing the boundaries of genomic research

For the Biomolecular Research Facility at ANU, the NovaSeq X System is going to be essential to sharing data on cell lines and driving that research forward.


Trusted partners in the genome era

The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics added a NovaSeq X Plus to enable researchers to sequence more samples more cost-effectively.

The system itself is easy to run. The increased stability of the kits at 4C provides more flexibility to change planned runs.

Eric Chow

Assistant Adjunct Professor and Director, UCSF Center for Advanced Technology

It’s the first system to launch with the XLEAP-SBS, meaning that we’re able to now deliver higher accuracy data compared to the previous generation, faster and at a more affordable cost.

Chris Noune

National NGS Manager, Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF)

The NovaSeq X Plus will drive innovations in genomics because the cost reduction and throughput enables more researchers to access sequencing and further their research.

Jason Koval

Research Manager, Ramaciotti Cenre for Genomics, UNSW

The NovaSeq X can do everything and more in half the time with half the file size. It’s going to really improve the quality of work we do and save on time, too.

Brooke Kinsela

ACT Brain Cancer Biobank Coordinator, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU

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