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Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts is a study design tool for rapidly building and exploring cohorts. Read More...
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Integrated into Illumina Connected Analytics, Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts accelerates the path from genomic discovery to meaningful studies and enables better decision making on study design. 

Aggregate multiomic and phenotypic data in a single place. Augment cohorts with included harmonized public datasets. Evaluate statistical analysis across populations.

  • Build hypotheses in minutes rather than weeks by leveraging an integrated cohort browser
  • Access highly curated public datasets. Includes subjects across datasets like TCGA, Broad RGP, DRAGEN 1kGP, and GEO
  • Add fresh data and filtering criteria to existing cohorts without the need to start from scratch
  • Utilize simple visual tools to select and visualize cohorts, avoiding the need for complex querying
  • Perform a feasibility analysis of the cohort to ensure the cohort definition is complete for downstream statistical analysis (GWAS, PheWAS)

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