Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts

A study design tool that combines private data with public data sets for rapidly building and exploring cohorts.


Integrated into Illumina Connected Analytics, Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts combines multiomic and phenotypic data in a single place to allow for greater analysis of cohorts and increase novel research insights. Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts delivers: 

  • Access to highly curated public data sets, including TCGA, Broad RGP, DRAGEN 1kGP, and GEO 

  • Fresh data and filtering criteria to existing cohorts without the need to start from scratch 

  • Simple visual tools to select and visualize cohorts, avoiding the need for complex querying 

  • Feasibility analysis of the cohort to ensure the cohort definition is complete for downstream statistical analysis (GWAS, PheWAS) 

Simplify data structuring

Leverage data models for combining genomic and phenotypic data and access professional services for custom loading and harmonization. 

Quickly select cohort criteria

Use the browser to find the right subjects for your cohort and integrate genomic and phenotypic data to review summary statistics. 

Seamlessly integrate workflows

Easily access workflows, including DRAGEN pipelines, and export to Illumina Connected Analytics Bench for enhanced data science studies. 

Compliance certifications

Software updates

Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts v2.14.0 updates

  • Detect and Lift Genome Build: Cohorts documentation provides set-up instructions to convert hg19/GRCh37 VCFs to GRCh38 before import into Cohorts 

  • Attribute Queries: Improved the user experience choosing a range of values for numerical attributes when defining a cohort 

  • Export Cohort to ICA Project Data: Improved the user experience exporting list of subjects that match cohort definition criteria to their ICA project for further analysis 

  • Subject Selection in Analysis Visualization: Users can follow the link for subject counts in the needle plot to view a list of subjects carrying the selected variant or mutation 

Required products

An Illumina Connected Analytics license is required. There are no additional costs in iCredits, storage, or consumption for ICA Cohorts.

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Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts combines subject- and sample-level metadata with molecular data to perform tertiary analyses on selected subsets of individuals for a wide variety of applications, including drug discovery, cancer research, and more.

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Related applications and methods

Advances using Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts

Plans and pricing

An Illumina Connected Analytics license is required. There is no additional cost in iCredits, storage, or consumption for Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts.

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* 250 iCredits expire after 30-day introductory trial. 
** Available for systems with control software that support Universal Copy Service. Not available for all legacy systems. 


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Rapidly and easily build and explore cohorts

Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts provides a friendly user interface for filtering and visualizing genomic and phenotypic data of cohorts. Easily evaluate data comparisons for feasibility analysis on select cohort definition. 


ICA Cohorts


Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA) Cohorts empowers scientists to analyze aggregated genomic data to understand genotype-phenotype relationships, identify potential disease drivers, and discover new biomarkers.

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If a study has been loaded into the Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts, customer administrators can select permission to share the study with collaborators.

Yes. Private data can be imported into the Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts and analyzed independently or combined with public data to expand cohort analysis.

Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts supports genomic data from DNA sequencing (eg, single nucleotide changes, CNV, germline, and somatic calls) and RNA-Seq (eg, TPM and differential expression) studies, phenotypic data of medical attributes (eg, demographics, medical history, and therapeutic interventions), and over 27,000 subject-level data sets across public databases (eg, TCGA, Broad RGP, DRAGEN 1kGP, and GEO).

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MiSeq Reagent Kit v3

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TruSight Oncology 500

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Illumina DNA Prep

A fast, integrated workflow for preparing libraries for use in a wide range of sequencing applications.

* 250 iCredits expire after 30-day introductory trial. 
** Available for systems with control software that support Universal Copy Service. Not available for all legacy systems. 

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