Pillar® oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel

A 58-gene pan-cancer panel with combined DNA content, utilizing the single-tube SLIMamp™ workflow for fast library prep and turnaround time.

~6.5 hr

Assay time

~3 hr

Hands-on time

10ng - 80ng DNA (20ng recommended)

Input quantity

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The oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel is a DNA NGS sequencing panel using proprietary Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated amplification (SLIMamp®) technology, a tiled amplicon-based library prep chemistry for efficient single-tube target enrichment.

  • Maintain control of samples and results with single-tube, tiled amplification that can be performed in-house by any NGS lab

  • Achieve variant detection as low as 1% VAF without UIDs, even with limited DNA input or poor sample quality

  • Improve lab efficiency and reduce “no calls”, repeat testing and difficult interpretation decisions

  • < 8 hours DNA to sequencer


Required Products

Pillar® oncoReveal™ panels require the use of a Pillar index kit. Pick your preferred number of reactions.

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Pillar® oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel


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Pillar® oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel AmpliSeq for Illumina Myeloid Panel TruSight Myeloid Sequencing Panel
Assay time ~6.5 hr 5.5 – 7.5 hours (library prep only; doesn't include library quantification, normalization, or pooling time) 8 hours
Cancer type Pan-cancer, Solid tumor Hematologic Hematologic
Description 58-gene amplicon based DNA panel, simple single tube workflow Targeted panel to study 40 DNA genes, 29 RNA fusion driver genes, and 5 gene expression levels associated with myeloid cancers. For somatic mutation detection studies in myeloid malignancies.
Hands-on time ~3 hr < 1.5 hr 3 hr
Input quantity 10ng - 80ng DNA (20ng recommended) 20 ng high-quality DNA; 10 ng high-quality RNA
(10 ng recommended per pool)
50 ng
Instruments MiSeq System, NextSeq 550 System, MiSeqDx in Research Mode, NextSeq 550Dx in Research Mode MiSeq System, MiniSeq System MiSeq System, MiSeqDx in Research Mode, MiniSeq System, NextSeq 500 System
Mechanism of action Multiplex PCR using tiled amplicon
Method Targeted DNA sequencing, Amplicon sequencing Targeted DNA sequencing, Amplicon sequencing, Targeted RNA sequencing Targeted DNA sequencing, Amplicon sequencing
Nucleic acid type DNA DNA, RNA DNA
Number of amplicons 1 pool, 766 amplicons
Number of reactions 24 reactions
On-target reads 99.6% ± 0.2%
Specialized sample types Blood, Low-input samples Blood, Not FFPE-compatible, Bone marrow Not FFPE-compatible, Not FFPE-compatible
Species category Human Human Human
Target insert size Average: 215 bp
Technology Sequencing Sequencing Sequencing
Uniformity 96.8% ±1.0%
Variant class Single nucleotide variants (SNVs), Insertions-deletions (indels), Copy number variants (CNVs) Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), Gene fusions, Somatic variants, Insertions-deletions (indels) Somatic variants, Insertions-deletions (indels)


Gene list

Panel specifications

oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel


oncoReveal™ Myeloid Panel

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Indices PI501-8, PI701-4 (32 combinations, 96 reactions)


Indices PI501-8, PI701-4 (32 combinations, 96 reactions)

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Kit D, indices PI501-8, PI701-12


Kit D, indices PI501-8, PI701-12

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