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Illumina startups network

About Illumina for Startups Network

Illumina for Startups Network aims to inspire the creation, funding, and growth of genomics and multi-omics startups across the globe. It is designed for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and focused on building connections, strengthening community, and advancing breakthrough genomics applications.

Illumina startups network
global entrepreneural network

A Global Entrepreneurial Network

"In the era of the $200 genome, Illumina for Startups Network catalyzes the global startup ecosystem by partnering with leading entrepreneurs and investors across the globe to unlock the power of the genome to improve human health and beyond." - Amanda Cashin, PhD, Global Head, Illumina For Startups

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Building a startup takes a village. Join us on LinkedIn to connect entrepreneurs and share experiences from across the globe.



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Thought Leadership Events

We enjoy connecting with entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe at meetups, happy hours, conferences, panels & more. Stay tuned for our events at LinkedIn.


thought leadership in genomics

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We enjoy meeting new startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and partners. Let us know how we can help!


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